Recently, in an interview posted on YouTube, a revert cryptocurrency expert laid stress on the strong crypto fundamentals, and he also noted that many indicators point towards price positivity for bitcoin. He added that there is going to be a high amount of network and an immense amount of activity between the investors in the valuation of bitcoins. This action and the statement come not from the falling prices of bitcoin but is its nature. Bitcoin, as it is going lower in today’s market, will Definitely go higher soon because the technology-driven medium like Blockchain technology which is associated with bitcoin, will lead to such an action. In his interview, he also said that we had not seen any such kind of mania, and we have also seen the same thing as it happened in 2017. In the beginning, bitcoin was at the top of its charts, but as soon as time passed, the prices started declining.

After this, in a recent interview of the United States, Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers give a very biased review on the bitcoins. He pointed out that now people are looking at the price volatility of bitcoin, but the future will be driven by bitcoins. There is a high degree of possibility that bitcoin will be called digital gold in the future, and it is going to be an incredible event in the life of every person who is a bitcoin investor now. He said that for now, bitcoins might go lower, but they will come up as an incredible asset in the future and will lead the global economy towards modernization in technology-driven things and mediums of investment.

For now, as the data revealed by different websites like Blockchain technology, sales of bitcoins are initiated only by the people who have bought bitcoins in recent months. The ones who are strong believers of bitcoin and have been keeping bitcoins for a very long period of time, like from ears, are still income. It is a bearish period only for the ones who have purchased bitcoins recently, but the long-term investors are still in the bullish period on their digital assets. However, in accordance with this, there are several crypto experts who have also shown their concerns regarding the cryptocurrency market for now. They said that it is definitely not a very good time for the crypto investors in the cryptocurrency market as there is a high degree of swing in its prices.

Along with the concerns of the experts, the European Central Bank vice president also wants the cryptocurrency holders that it should not be viewed as a real investment. The main reason behind saying such a statement in public is that the prices of bitcoin are not completely stable. Therefore, your investment in bitcoin can go even lower than the price at which you have purchased it, and it can be a matter of concern for you. The underlying value of bitcoin is hard to assume, and therefore, it may not be considered to be a primary medium of investment. As the prices of bitcoin are falling, there was still a relief among the bitcoin investors because on a recent Thursday, the prices even went higher for once, and it is considered to be a rebound in the cryptocurrency market. It can be an indication of the fact that bitcoin will always not stay as low as it is now, and it may turn into the best cryptocurrency and also reach the prices of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

No matter what the situation is in the cryptocurrency market, it is highly essential for cryptocurrency investors to be well aware of the cease trading and investment. It is a better choice to always consider the digital cryptocurrency as a long-term investment option because it is associated with a high degree of volatility and also a risk factor that can be very drastic for you. It is believed that the investors of such highly volatile cryptocurrencies have an appetite for risk along with significant disposable income, which may not always end up well for them. The sole purpose of investment and trading is doubling your income and not losing it into the recklessness of fluctuating market, and therefore, the crypto investors need to be well aware. The bitcoin market is very fluctuating, and if you look at the situation which is prevailing right now, the investors need to be ready for further frequent bouts of extremely high price fluctuations.

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