In the world today, most people prefer being cremated and this is because they don’t want to be forgotten, or, they just want their ashes poured in the ocean. So how does a body get cremated? You might ask. First and foremost, the body is prepared and it’s later the body is placed in a cremation chamber or “retort” where the cremation process takes place. The ashes are then transferred to an urn if the family provided one. If not, the ashes will be temporarily put in a container. Death can be devastating and painful but whatever the departed wishes were, you should at least try to obey them. Let’s take a look at the interesting facts about cremation that you should know before making any drastic decisions.

You Can Create And Design Your Urn

No one knows how much time they have to live. Time is of the essence and it’s always ticking. Most people tend to prepare for their departure by maybe paying for their funeral or buying an urn. These guys from have the best urn designs that you can ever ask for. Choosing the right funeral home for your dearly departed will help to ensure that their wishes are met with dignity. You’ll be provided with additional services such as a funeral procession, tents, seats, and not to mention, a great send-off for your loved one. Below are different types of urns that might interest you:

  • Keepsake urns- They are mini urns that are mostly used when people want to come to terms with the death of a loved one. These are also great urns for anyone wanting to find closure. They come in different colors and with engravings that you can choose from
  • Themed urns- These are urns that come with an engraved image and urns that can talk a million words just by looking at them
  • Wooden urns- You’ll most definitely appreciate custom-designed urns that are domestically produced, and, have a craftsman’s quality
  • Photo urns – These are urns that come with different kinds of backdrops and themes whereby, you can add quotes, songs, or even  memory photos

You Can Only Cremate One Body At A Time In The Same Retort

To prevent the cremated ashes from getting mixed up in a retort, most funeral homes have decided to cremate one body at a time. Well, if they have different retort facilities, then they can handle more at a time. Choosing a crematorium requires that you choose the pros. They’ll advise you on the necessary steps to take as well as provide you with counseling sessions if ever need ever arises.

Cremation Is Cost-effective

Conventional burial ceremonies are costly. With cremation, however, you can choose to have a loved one cremated right away after their death without needing to pay for their burial ground. But then again, and as earlier mentioned, you have to be in line with their wishes. If they chose to be cremated, then well and good. But if they chose the other road, then there are costs that you will have to foot.

Cremating A Body Can Take Long

Cremation is a lengthy process and one that requires a lot of patience. You need not hurry the Cremation Technician as they have a lot on their plate. One thing to note is that different body parts take longer to completely turn into ashes and the whole essence of cremation is to have the body turned into ashes.

Arranging For Cremation

The decision to cremate solely lies with the departed. If at some point in their lives they wished to be cremated. Then you have but only one option; to honor their wishes. Including family members when arranging for cremation can help to get the load from your shoulders. Friends and family will also play a huge role in the recovery process. So, do not go it alone. No man is an island and strength is in numbers.

Cremation is a broad topic and one that has been fascinating. The decision to be cremated or buried lies with the deceased. But for this to happen, you need to have the above pointers in mind. Involving others will also help as you take care of your loved ones’ last wishes. Consider the best crematoriums as not all will have the services you might need. Do not also forget that choosing the right urn is part and parcel of the whole cremation process.

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