A sedentary lifestyle is bad —- and we all can slip through this bad situation. Being inactive can affect us in harmful ways and we should all work hard to avoid that. Here are the most helpful ways to improve our work habits.

Modify Your Work Station

One bad thing we all unintentionally do is sit and be still for an extended period while working. Sitting at your desk all day can cause illnesses and body injuries that can harm you long term. Modifying your workstation with durable electric sit stand desks and the likes can help you have proper posture and body mechanics to motivate you to stand up and move during work. You can find furniture that is ergonomically designed that offers comfortability and will enhance your productivity.

Your workstation is where you spend most of your day besides your bed, so it is crucial that it’s advantageous to you.

Use Your Breaks Wisely

You might think your work life is sedentary, but there are plenty of ways to change that. Use your breaks wisely and maximize them. If you are having lunch, why not walk to a restaurant near your office? Have you tried eating your lunch outside, in the company’s park or walkway? You can also try unwinding at the building’s rooftop and use the stairs going up.

In addition, most companies nowadays have special stimulating spaces such as gyms, yoga rooms, and playrooms to keep the employees active. If your company doesn’t offer this, you can opt for the other choices to do during your break time.

Move Every Chance You Get

Spending your whole work hour sitting can make you prone to cardiovascular health risks, improper posture, the chance of weight gain and obesity, and many more. If you look intently, there are many tasks in your office that can keep you active. If you have casual meetings, try asking to meet outside so you can walk while you talk. Move around people’s workstations and speak with them in person rather than texting or emailing. When you need to run errands such as photocopying or presentations, take advantage of it and move.

Motivate Colleagues for Office Fitness Challenge

It’s better to change something together, and the more, the merrier! Ask your coworkers to be involved in beating inactivity at work. Motivate each other to be active together and be each other’s support network. It will be more fun to allocate a certain time just to shake your body, stretch, move or just walk around. Of Course, you need to ask your boss to do this, but anyone can see that it is beneficial for employees’ mental and physical health. Make it enticing to everyone and do a friendly competition on who can stay more active at work.

These four ways are a small change but a huge step in beating inactivity and taking care of your health. No matter how busy you are you can still be active in little methods. Finally, remember that being active will be easier if you do something you love.

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