Owning a vehicle is more than just driving it around and pumping gas, a lot of factors go into it! Knowing a lot about what your vehicle is made out of will bring you one step closer to taking care of it properly, this can come in handy in the long run! Here are important things you need to learn about automotive machinery parts!

The engine

The engine is basically the heart of every vehicle, it gives it the power to turn from a 0 to 60 real quick! This kind of machinery is extremely intricate and complex, as it works by using converted heat from the gas as a power to start the car and allow you to move it. The engine is just one of the parts that need to be in top condition in order for everything else to run accordingly, so always check that your engine is fine and never ignore strange noises or smoke that might come out of the engine, as you might have a potential problem on your hands.


In order for your vehicle to work, there has to be a link that connects everything! Transmission is one of those things, it works as a link between the engine and the wheels, itโ€™s basically one of the most important parts of the vehicle! Sometimes you can do a little maintenance on your vehicle by yourself like replacing theย shift knobs, but you shouldnโ€™t play with transmission if you are not an expert!ย  The engine is there to create the power, but transmission is there to transmit the power from the engine to the vehicles so you can drive it. If you notice any strange noises, low level of fluid, shaking, lagging, or a burning smell you might be dealing with a faulty transmission!

Shock absorbers

This hydraulic device is meant to help the wheels by absorbing the shock impulse and control the vehicle during motion. This is a vital part when it comes to suspension and wheel control, making it more comfortable and safer regardless of how bumpy the road might get! If you notice that the bouncing becomes a bit too hard, that tires are unevenly thinning and tearing and if it takes you a lot to stop the vehicle in the first place this might be a good sign to get your wheels checked out!

AC compressor

Nowadays, almost every vehicle has a way to cool down – so the job of an AC compressor lies in pumping the coolant and simultaneously cooling your vehicle! Itโ€™s almost impossible to survive the summer heat without such a handy system, but they can often get faulty or lack strength! If you are a new vehicle owner there are easy ways to inspect and test your car. As you can see from Mechanicwiz, there are lots of guidelines you can follow on their website, so you never feel stuck. Owning a car means learning how to take care of it before you run into a problem – prevention is always better!


Your vehicle doesnโ€™t just run on gas and raw power, it also needs electricity! Some cars are even purely electrical, so this part plays a major role! The battery essentially stores electrical energy that can later be used in the running part of your vehicle that needs electricity! Automotive batteries and car batteries, in general, are rechargeable, so make sure yours is full so you don’t run into any trouble on the road. Driving with a low battery is never safe as your vehicle can stop at any time and any place!


Breaks are a crucial part of every automotive machinery, they help slow down or fully stop a vehicle in motion. There are two different systems, drum brake system, and disc brake system! Breaks are actually quite intricate and they are made up of multiple parts such as brake pad, caliper, and brake rotor! While the drum brake system is made from the brake drum and the shoe for the most part! Breaks are essential in keeping both you and your vehicle safe and avoiding possible accidents on the road, so make sure that your brakes are in good condition! If you notice that your car is not slowing down or if you constantly hear strange noises while trying to stop, you should definitely get it checked out!

At the end of the day, every vehicle is different, but certain elements are recurring and vital for each one of them! Getting familiar with a specific vehicle or knowing what every vehicle is made from for the most part is always a good idea!

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