As mentioned before, all these innovative things are used to fulfill the humans’ needs. But when these needs are categorized, they can be categorized into to social, emotional and physical needs.
Earlier all needs are put into the physical needs of human beings. But in today’s world, most of the humans use robots to fulfill their social and emotional needs too. For an example ‘SEX’ is the most emotional thing of the every animal that lives on earth. When considering over this, modern world human beings use robots for fulfill their sexual feelings. ‘ROXXXY’ is the most famous sex robot in the world and it was manufactured by a gentleman named Douglas Hines. Under the manufacturers explanation he said that this robot is always turned on and can play with anytime if you want. This robot can automatically move its muscles correctly like a human being, because it has an articulated skeleton. The only thing she can’t move anywhere is its limbs. Most of the female sex robots can simulate the orgasm. It’s a method of manufactures to sell their items and it’s a nice way to know that the buyers do really care these products.

Nowadays sex robot manufactures offer a field request for the users of sex robots. They consider that they can build or reassemble robots under a certain celebrity. It means that they say they can make robots like sexual actors or actresses such as Pam Anderson, Angelina Jolie etc. Does that sound more surprising? Why not? Every human kind that has the mind to sex with the person they most like. Now they will have the ability to do it on their own. Changing the personality of the robots is another chance to humans and it means that if the robot’s personality gets boring, they have a button to change the personality of the robot. This personality changing is getting more opportunity to humans to achieve their feelings. Manufactures make a way on the robot to understand the human kind who uses the robot. It means that under some circumstances manufactures make their robots as real humans and most of the human kind is able to use sex robots and have the opportunity to use them as their real life girlfriend. It is an unbelievable argument, but manufacturers have done this effectively by hiring and entering a sex counselor cum hypnotist program to their system. In the real world, human girlfriends comfort their own home and they are the leaders of the sex counselors and hypnotist at home. As real human girlfriend, these sex robots can download human emotions automatically and after downloading it can respond to human feelings. For an instance, a real human girlfriend says ‘sorry’ if they do a wrong thing for their fiancé. Similarly, modern world sex robots can give that feeling like real girlfriends, such as all the wishes and commands of the owner of the robot can be done using the robot.Having such comforts from a robot is too unusual to most of the human beings. But users of such things it can be an amazing practice, because with one girl they cannot do all such practices. As a result, these people never think about their marriage. Human family is the most powerful small place in the world. All the happiness, sadness and everything are hanging around the family. After this generation, the future generation is taken by the children of the older generation people. But as mentioned before because of these machines, most of people will not be interested about their marriage. Without marriages and without human sex practices, there will not be newborns. It is a simple argument of today’s world. Because there are billions of humans live in the world and with the occurrence of one person’s sex practices with robots cannot make a change to ruin next generations. No, it is not true. This is the beginning of the violation of human beings with the aid of fast growing technological innovations which pave the way to it.If today’s robots can do such things like a human, then what will robots do in the future? As a percentage there are 55% of women in all around the world. If most of the men get addicted to have sex with robots, there will be a chance to the violation of the behaviors of the human kind. Also, it can harm the cultural and religion environment of a particular country. As an instance Bangkok, Thailand is a one of the countries that has 60% – 70% of women. Their main income origination is prostitution, because low percentage of men is the major issue to them. Women should work to make their lives successful and prostitution is an easy way to make money. It is a Buddhist country and according to this religion prostitution to make money is a sin. When we consider the same scenario over robots it is an instance where a country can work against their culture and the religion easily. Such as this, one day the whole world might get into this way or make other ruthless ways to survive in the world.

The way to Artificial Intelligence

Usage of robotics for intelligent services can widen the distribution of new discoveries and make a way to advanced novel technologies. As mentioned before, in a primary way, intelligent robots are acting as servants, secretaries and receptionists or they are being companions to human kind in many ways as embedded robots.  When giving special attention to the incorporation of intelligent robotics with information technology and cognitive science, it shifts the attention to develop new multi-dimensional robotics services. This can modify the global and adaptive computing information for modern distributional environment and also make logics to cognitive modeling for human robotics interaction. For an instance in these fast growing technological innovative ideas and concepts, new discoveries and improvements can create ways to novel robotic applications and business models related to the field of intelligent service robotics.

According to the above the principles, programming an artificial intelligence is too difficult. The human brains are more advanced and have been evolved through millions of years surviving with social behaviors and facing environment changes. Still human beings have more experiences in this process. Trying to be like or create an artificial intelligence same as the human brain is a fantastic challenge and to make judgments by the advancement of current processing power of robotics has been too difficult. Yet it will take takes several stages or more to reach to human brain’s elementary levels. After many levels of researches robotic technology scientists developed android robots and android applications for robots, and as a result of it, these artificial machines can create an intelligent culture all over the world. It comes as a rival to beat the human civilization, because there is a major question is raise against them. The question is ‘do these machines have ethical and moral values similar to human beings?’According to the researches about the human civilization, ancient people have carried their work under the limitation of cultural, religious, ethical and moral values. But after the industrial revolution, humans have started their practices to fulfill their needs breaching those limitations either by hook or crook. In here we should see what exactly human beings are trying to create and what the main purpose of it is in a logical way. The answer is too simple. Human beings design robotics technology to do their work easily and fast with full accuracy over their subjective plans. With the modern technological innovations, humans have realized that by developing and creating artificial intelligent machines will be helpful for human civilization. But under the religious environments such as pure Buddhism, Catholic, Muslim and Hindu religious education says that human needs should be simple. But by breaching religious beliefs human kind act as dictator by giving the robots an artificial brain to think and make an environment to behave as human kind. Giving such equality to robotics is easier and it will aid to finish human purposes, but it can be a ruthless way to beat the human civilization.Under the “BCS Code of Conduct” public interest sector says, in breach the condition of 1c. ‘should conduct professional activities without discrimination on the ground of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, color, race, ethnic origin, religion, age or disability or of any other condition or requirement’.  But in real time activities, as mentioned before, developers of robots give the authority to most of the robots to real time activity freedom. It means that those robots can do anything that they want or under the ideas that come in to their artificial mind.In the near future these technologies will be advanced and one day robots will have a real brain like humans. Then it will be the end of the civilization of humans. Still robotics technology should be condemned for the breach of human rights such as unemployment. In future, developed intelligent robots can raise their hand against the humans saying that they want their own rights. As mentioned before robots have no pain, no sensitivity and they can work hard, fast and have accuracy than human kind. Because of these characteristics, they can take action before the action of human kind for this up rising. As an instance in films such as ‘i-robot’ and ‘Transformers’ we can see how robotics and artificial intelligent machines will rise against the human civilization and how they will write the destiny of human lives. Before using and developing such technologies, we as humans should think twice about the future consequences. Any technology will neither be good, or bad, or neutral within the range of its usage. It always was dependent on the humans and exactly how humans will use it with time.

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