Business communications technology often makes life more perplexing rather than easier. Although technology sometimes misses the mark, there are a few ways Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas) makes doing business a bit easier.

The End to Note Taking

If you’ve ever been on a call and then had to draft a follow-up email highlighting key points, you know how frustrating it is to remember everything that was said. An emerging trend in communications technology transcription can signify the end of taking notes while you are talking to clients. This new technology might be able to take notes during important calls in the near future.

No More Boring Meetings

Meetings can not only be held at home in your pajamas, but they can also include vibrant video and rich audio presentations. The software that creates these visual presentations is easy to operate but does most of the work for you.

Before you give a presentation at a meeting, new AI technology may be able to provide you with pointers on delivery, talking points and possible viewer interest.

Leaving Work Is Now Easier Than Ever

Employees that have a choice between working from home or remaining in the office for 40 to 80 hours a week are happier and more productive. Technology such as transferring an active call from a computer or landline to a cell phone and home-based offices make working remotely even easier.

Improved Competition

UCaaS makes it possible for small businesses to offer the same customer service as large corporations. Where it was once impossible for a small business to have 24-hour customer service or automated responses, it is now easy to set up and affordable.

With remote work on the rise, UCaaS is picking up the communications industry’s slack by simplifying everyday business activity and eliminating the need to remain tied to an office all day. It is changing the way we view the workplace and communications technology.

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