The first thing visitors notice on your website is the headline. It is the point where a visitor decides to stay or leave your website/blog. If your headline resonates with the visitor’s context and catches their attention; CONGRATULATIONS! You have captured a place in their mind.

Writing catchy headlines is an art. You need to create stellar headlines with perfection to attract more traffic to your website and generate clicks.

In your opinion, what would you call a perfect headline? There is much scope when it comes to writing headlines, but a good headline contains something relevant to the content, intrigues audience interest, and includes a keyword.

Expert SEOs, bloggers, writers, and authors recommend many writing tips and techniques that can help you create headlines with wow effect. All you need is to pay attention to these tips before writing content for your website or blog.

I know you must be in a hurry to learn the secret of writing headlines that mesmerized the audience. Well, let’s not keep you waiting any longer, and get started with the best techniques to write awesome headlines.

5 Best Tips and Techniques to Create Stellar Headlines

There is no hard and fast rule to create headlines. But, here are some of the best ways to write headlines that can connect your target audience with your website.

# 1: Use Numbers โ€“ Candy for Human Brain

According to Debra Jason, founder of The Write Direction, using numbers in headlines works well because numbers are like โ€˜Brain Candy.โ€™

Numbers trigger the audience to pay attention whether on a website, in a blog, email subject line, advertisement copy, etc. Scientists believed that numbers directly get into our unconscious and say, โ€œIt is important.โ€ Donโ€™t use spelling. Use actual digits of numbers as they work better on the website than spelled-out words.


How to be a better Chef? If we add a number in the same headline, it will work better to generate traffic. Letโ€™s say we make it to โ€œ7 Ways to Become a Better Chef.โ€

#2: Be Rationale โ€“ Give a Reason to the Audience

Being โ€˜RATIONALEโ€™ means providing your audience a set of reasons or a logical basis that people should read your content. It is one of the critical ingredients of a stellar headline that can make you or break you. It makes the audience read, click and share your content.


  • 8 Reasons Why I Started Blogging?
  • 5 Insights to the Future of Facebook Marketing
  • 10 Tips to Market Products like a PRO!

# 3: Add Keywords โ€“ Make your Headlines Relevant to Organic Searches

No one can deny the importance of a Keyword. If you want to optimize your website for Search Engines, start working on your keyword strategy. The first step is obvious, knowing the keyword you want to target on your website/blog. When someone searches something on a search engine, they write a word or a phrase that ultimately becomes the keyword for websites. If you use the wrong keywords on your website, it will attract irrelevant traffic and ultimately vanish from the rankings.


  • KW: HR Software [10 Best HR Software to Double the Profits]
  • KW: Fastest VPN [Top 5 Fastest VPN for Unbeatable Speed]

# 4: Add Some Fun โ€“ Use Interesting Adjectives

Humor is one of the best weapons to attract your target audience. Headlines with exciting adjectives and humor work well, then dry outlined sentences.

The adjective is the part of speech that describes the quality of a noun or pronoun in a given sentence. For example, โ€œthe happy couple.โ€ Adjectives are more commonly used in headlines compared to any other part of the speech.


  • 7 Ways to Live Life like A KING-OF-THE-WORLD
  • 5 Tips to be a Happy & Wise Owl of the Jungle โ€“ Work Ethics
  • More Power to Strong Women Who Hold Half-of-the-Sky

# 5: Flag the Reader โ€“ Add Words to Address Visitors in Headlines

Dan Kennedy is the founder of the โ€œflagging technique.โ€ It is a powerful way of addressing your audience. The easiest of all techniques is to use โ€œYOUโ€ in your headlines to raise a flag for your target audience’s attention. There are other ways of addressing the audience too.


  • The Big Brother is Watching YOU!
  • Are WE living with No Privacy Rights?
  • What is HRM, and how does it Affect SMALL BUSINESSES in the USA?


The best way to test your headline is by putting yourself in your readersโ€™ shoes and consider whether or not youโ€™d be intrigued by your headline. If you are not satisfied as being your reader, no one will ever be. Now, you have all these handy tips, use them wisely and create some stellar headlines for your website and blog.

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