The word affidavit means a legal document that contains facts that are sworn under oath and expresses accurate information. If you are not familiar with the family court, the word seems to be new. The lawyers provide maximum affidavits. But if anyone doesnโ€™t want to hire a lawyer and wants to fight alone, then he has to manage his statement independently, and this statement is called an affidavit. You may check all the steps and guidelines of writing an affidavit from Alberta family court forms. And stick with today’s article as we are going to discuss it.

Who needs an affidavit?

The victim and the convict need an affidavit, which expresses all the facts about the case and sometimes acts as a witness. A usual affidavit contains speech of any seen, done, or heard facts that are not avoidable to solve the issue, and it may have any kind of attachment like image, graph, paper, or any other thing.

Usually, Family court deals with divorce and child right ensuring cases. So in family court, the affidavits play a vital role to come to any final decision.

What information may it bear?

Family court affidavits should be focused and straight in language. You should avoid harsh and complex sentences. The statement must be relevant and straightforward. Donโ€™t affect the news with emotion. Neither your affidavit might lose its scalability. You should follow the following instructions while writing a family court affidavit.

  • Caption or Header must be suitable for your problem and case
  • Background history
  • Main points of your complexities and the problems which you are facing
  • Final words
  • Signature

These are the mandatory parts of any affidavits. You should mention who you are and give some basic information about you.

You have to remember that an affidavit has access to all the prosecutors, judges, and court men. So this is not privacy safe. So donโ€™t write any irrelevant or emotional words. Neither will your privacy be hampered. Try to keep it short; the page numbers of your affidavit wound;t going to prioritize your statement.

While writing an affidavit, one must be stuck to the truth and avoid descriptions of reactions. Then it would be easier to understand the situation for the judge.

What types of affidavits do you need?

There are two types of affidavits. In the previous times, most people were interested in hiring a lawyer. However, nowadays every person is known about the court and likes to fight on his own. So the type of affidavits also varied with time.

  1. Firstly, The affidavit which you are supporting a person.
  2. An affidavit for oneself.

Usually, the supporting affidavit is provided by the lawyer as he is experienced and has the skill to manage the incidents professionally. These types of testimonies are straightforward to solve and understand. But hiring a lawyer would cost you some money. If you want to write your affidavit on your own, then you may follow the instructed steps. But at the final stages, you should need a legal lawyer to notarize your testimony. So you may find any of your suitable lawyers to notarize your document at Alberta family court forms.

Affidavit template

Below I am mentioning the affidavit writing steps. You have to just write down your incidents according to the serials.

  1. Describe yourself or your relation to the people you are supporting.
  2. State the facts of the incident and why you are supporting him. If possible, then attach any evidence with references.
  3. Consult the person or the attorney with questions to keep his attention and to bear out the facts.
  4. Give conclusions that are sufficient enough to solve the complexities and convey your message to the court.
  5. Signature and notarised seal with lawyers’ sign.

Final Notes

Itโ€™s not mandatory to write an affidavit on your own. If you face difficulties, you may take advice from any lawyers or hire a lawyer who will support you. An affidavit is all the document which is going to represent you into the court. So donโ€™t get this lightly; you have to complete this with importance and arrange this to bring a result by conveying the final message to them. Try to keep the affidavit short and rigid. Donโ€™t make it complex with any kind of irrelevant notes.

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