With our hectic schedules and stressful jobs, the little time we have for relaxation should be well spent. Moreover, although everyone needs some quality time by themselves, spent at the gym, spa, or simply, watching favorite TV shows, we also need our friends and the positive energy only a nice gathering can bring. So, throwing a nice dinner party for your friends is always an amazing idea. Wait no longer and invite your closest and dearest for an enjoyable meal, a lot of laughs, and catch-ups.

Now all that is left to do is to prepare for the dinner, and we have to admit – this can sometimes become a bit stressful. However, we are here to help. Keep on reading to find out how to prepare an amazing dinner party without any stress.

Start on time

Instead of thinking that you have plenty of time left, a better option is to start preparing the night before. This means planning out a sitting order, arranging the plates, glasses, and cutlery, and of course, creating a plan of the meals that will be served to the guests. It would be even better if you have already done grocery shopping for the ingredients and even completed some small tasks, such as chopping up the veggies.

Moreover, always try to be one step ahead, and find some way to spice up your party by creating an awesome music playlist that will be according to everyoneโ€™s taste. Also, if you want, decorate the room according to a certain theme. All these little steps will help immensely for you not to feel overwhelmed with work on the day of the dinner party.

Donโ€™t put too much on your plate

Every host wants their guests to be amazed by the food that is served. However, this doesnโ€™t mean that you have to cook and bake every meal by yourself, or that you have to prepare food that is worthy of a three Michelin star restaurant. So, donโ€™t hesitate to ask one or two of your friends to come a bit earlier to your house and help you with the organization.

Moreover, you can simply order some food from your friendsโ€™ favorite place, and throw them a tasty surprise. An amazing option is to get some delicious frozen meals delivered to your home a few days before the dinner party so that you can easily prepare them a few hours before the guests arrive. For example, if you make the main course, you can order the desserts. This way, you will ensure that everyone gets a treat of their preference and will also have more time to chat with your friends, instead of spending additional time in the kitchen.

Drinks on display

Although you certainly want your guests to get amazing food and drinks at your party, you should remember that this is still a house party and not a dinner at a fancy restaurant. So, make things easier for yourself and also for your friends, and set the beverages on display on the coffee table at your living room or the kitchen counter. From different types of premium alcohol to sodas, water, and coffee, make sure that your friends have easy access and that they can take a glass or mug and pour themselves their drink or beverage of choice. Of course, when they first arrive, be a good host and offer and serve them the first drink, but during the evening, everyone can feel free to refill themselves a glass of white wine or get a can of Coke.

Moreover, you can decide to serve a small, but delicious cheese plate next to the beverages. These details, together with the appropriate music playlist and dim lights, will create an extraordinary atmosphere, just right for a fun and relaxing house party.

Go step by step

Even if you consider yourself to be a master of multitasking, donโ€™t go overboard with trying to set the table, chop the salad, and make a party Spotify playlist at the same time. Instead, do one thing at a time and devote a portion of your day/time before the dinner, for each task. For example, set timers, so you know that you have half an hour to set the drinks bar, then an hour to prepare the desserts, and fifteen minutes to wash the dishes after that.

This is especially important, as you donโ€™t want to have a pile of dirty pots and pans in your kitchen as your friends arrive. So, clean and put everything back in its place as you go. You will appreciate this much when the party is over, and you donโ€™t have to spend another hour or two cleaning up.

To conclude, by following the above-mentioned steps, you will see that a spectacular dinner party can be prepared with minimal effort and even less stress. So, start inviting your friends and enjoy.

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