Our bodies are usually very clever when it comes to self regulating their temperature.

We sweat when we need to cool down and shiver to warm up when we are cold.

There is one time of the day when some of us doubt how well our bodies are able to adjust. If you are a hot sleeper then there isnโ€™t much relief when you go to bed.

Some of us sweat so much at night that a good rest is getting hard to come by.

If you feel some of the signs of sleep deprivation and you wake up to damp sheets and pillow cases, then these night sweats may be to blame.

In this article, I will give you some tips on just how to get a better night sleep. With a few adjustments, you can prevent your body from overheating and finally feel rested.

5 Tips On How To Stop Night Sweats

  1. Pick the right mattress – There has never been a better time to be in the market for a new mattress. There are so many mattress choices out there for every kind of sleeper, including hot sleepers. With innovations like breathable materials for mattress construction, you can find one that wicks heat and moisture away from your body allowing you to feel cool at night.
  2. Sleep naked – This is not meant to shock you or to coerce you into doing something perverse. Our bodies have trouble regulating temperature at night when wearing pajamas that reflect the heat. The benefits of sleeping naked is becoming clearer all the time. This is true for anybody but especially those that overheat at night.
  3. Avoid alcohol before bed – If you like taking a drink before bed because you feel it helps you fall asleep faster, then think again. Drinking at any time of day triggers the release of sweat. If you already have trouble with night sweats then this is the worst time to have a drink.
  4. Take a warm shower before bed – It may seem counterintuitive, but taking a warm shower rather than a cold one will help you release body heat faster. The warm water increases blood flow to the skin which brings body heat with it.
  5. Use a cooling towel on the neck – One of your pressure points is your neck. This means that if you cool your neck down you can regulate your body temperature. Your wrists also can do the same thing. Either get yourself a towel soaked in ice cold water and then wrung out or invest in one of those cooling towels or neck pillows that are activated by putting them in cold water or in the freezer. Then put it around your neck for a few minutes before bedtime.

I want to reiterate that the right mattress here is fundamental. Get a new mattress made out of breathable material and youโ€™re already going to see a difference in your rest. Follow the rest of these tips and youโ€™ll never wake up in a pool of sweat again!

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