Rejecting a showing is never good for your business. Even if you donโ€™t feel well, the kids are acting up or there’s an emergency at home that needs fixing, agents urge their clients to do everything they can to make sure potential buyers stay in one house and not move onto another property on the market. This flexibility with timing becomes especially important during buyer markets as houses go fast!

Get Some Deep Cleaning Done

To make your home show-ready, you should be prepared before the call comes. This includes having a few tricks up your sleeve for last-minute cleanups that can take place when every room is trashed and there’s not enough time or energy left in the day to do anything about it.

Deep cleaning your home before you put it on the market is one thing, but maintaining and keeping a spotless house throughout will help attract buyers. Set yourself up with weekly tasks that are tailored to what itโ€™s like to live there – whether it’s cooking or tidying up after guests leave for example.

Get in the habit of wiping spills as they happen rather than waiting until everything looks too messy; this makes sanitizing surfaces much easier! Be mindful about how long dirt has been sitting out because cleanliness is important here-kitchens should be pristine at all times! Additionally, book an amazing cleaner if you are not satisfied with the cleaning.

Start Early

Get up and clean the entire house from top to bottom before breakfast. You’ll have a lot more time in your day, not having to worry about doing it later or on days when you’re too tired after work. The best way is by opening all of the curtains and blinds first thing! This will help make sure that potential buyers are drawn into your space because they don’t feel like there’s anything shady going on with an open window (let alone one without any windows at all).

Make It Naturally Smell Good

Artificial scents can be tricky for those who might be sensitive to smells; thankfully diffusers come equipped with mild long-lasting scents so put them on as soon as possible every morning so everyone becomes familiarized with a natural scent instead of being overpowered.

Keep A Few Storage Handy

Keep a few totes on hand for the inevitable time when you need to haul your stuff. When that call comes, load up and get ready! You’ll want all of the clutter off tables, counters, or any other surfaces so it doesn’t distract potential buyers from seeing just what they’re there to see. Pack away kid’s toys and kitty litter before people start poking around too much – some items are best left in your car rather than out where everyone can see them.

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