Let’s be real, sometimes you may be the friendliest social butterfly in the world, but still, you may not get along with everyone. We all have that one person in life, whose mere presence boils our blood. Many of them don’t really know that they are annoying. Chances are that you too may be or would’ve been that annoying person for somebody else. Sometimes, getting rid of an annoying person may not be as easy as people would say. After all, if you have to make that person understand that they are crossing the limits, you have to communicate it to them.

If you’re generally a kind person with a soft heart, getting rid of people could be distressing because you worry whether they’d get hurt. Getting rid of a person shouldn’t always have to end up in bitter terms. Here are few ways to ditch annoying people politely.

Let a rescue friend know

You don’t have to go through it alone. Let your good friend know about this and get some advice. It would be much better if your friend also knows the same person you’re trying to get rid of. But make sure you don’t tell too many people, this may end up ruining their reputation. If your good friend can act as a middle person to distract them or keep company with you, you’re safe!

Make your commitments clear

There’s one thing that many people respect – its commitment. If you show the annoyer that you’re not an idling soul but has a lot going in your life right now, they would distance from you over time. Keep in mind that this is not a quick transformation, it’ll take time but on the good side, people would actually start to value your time more. However, there are those who don’t understand boundaries even when they know you have your commitments. Those are the irritating ones.

Don’t acknowledge

Irritating ones can be quite the tough nuts. Not only do they understand your communication, but they choose to be annoying and irritating anyway. These type of people would usually go on with their self-boasting and offensive comments, but the best way to distance them is by omitting to acknowledge. Whenever they say something, try to act like you got distracted in your own thoughts, but then you’re not concerned enough to ask them to repeat. The more you acknowledge (even negatively), all the more reasons for them to talk.

Minimize eye contact

The best body language solution is to minimize eye contact. It’s just like in the wilderness world where making eye contact generally depicts grabbing unnecessary attention or starting a brawl. The best way for you to avoid your annoyer is by not making eye contact. According to many studies, those who don’t make eye contact when speaking are usually considered unwelcoming. Once the person who annoys you realizes that you’re not excited by your very basic body language, they’d slowly break away from you.

Don’t be too hospitable

Hospitality is the most treasured aspect of kindness. It helps you build connections, and portray your personality in a positive manner. But some people use your kindness and hospitality for their own advantage. How so exactly? They’d try to be your best friend and start conversations, but it’ll be a one-sided communication and eventually, this friendship wouldn’t end well. So better safe than sorry, cut it off from the root. Limit your sincere hospitality when you sense a particular person getting on your nerves.

Bring up Controversy

There’s nothing that annoys an annoying person like Controversy does. If you bring up conversational topics that are controversial to their ideologies and annoys them back, chances are that they won’t find you as good company. However there’s a tricky side, some people do like arguing and that could be worse. So make sure your annoyer is not someone who likes controversy.

Reduce cyber conversations

Unlike back in the day, smartphones and technology are dominating our lifestyle and relationships. Sometimes we are too committed to our careers and goals, we rarely connect with old friends. However, though we rarely meet in person, we still would have long conversations with them on WhatsApp. At such times, we might come across an old friend who turns out to be our worst annoying nightmare. These people are inevitable, but if you reduce chatting and reply without expecting a reply back, the connection might reduce over time.

Ignore! Ignore

The best and the foremost advice on how to get rid of an annoying person, is to Ignore. Especially if this is the type of person who you rarely speak to but they just don’t get along or their mere personality gets on your nerves. It would be quite difficult given the fact that you can’t go up to them and say it to the face. Every word they say could annoy you, so pretend to not really give attention and just forget about it. With time and maturity, you’d find ignoring is the best solution after all.

Be straightforward

Being honest is the last option which surely would hurt their feelings, but if you’ve tried all the above and left with no choice, you should make this move. If it’s not a very close buddy, it wouldn’t feel difficult. You could say it out loud and forget about it the next minute but let’s say it’s a really close buddy or an old friend, you must communicate it out very politely. Some people might take it as an offence, so make sure you say it privately and not while on the brink of rage.


Respecting boundaries is important and some may not realize it. We cannot solely blame them, sometimes they are looking for attention and you might be giving it to them. Understand that they are human too just like you and try to be polite as much as possible unless you have no choice.

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