These days, almost everyone needs access to high-quality internet for most aspects of their lives. You need the internet for your professional, recreational, and financial activities, so it is now an essential part of life. Therefore, you want to make sure your connectivity experience is as good as possible. Often, there might be signal strength or device issues which prevent you from getting the best speeds you would want.

In that case, you should figure out how to minimize such interferences and optimize your internet usage. After all, when you’re paying for high-quality internet from a provider such as Cox, you want the best Cox Cable possible. Therefore, you should do all you can to get the optimal internet usage. Here are a few ways you can maximize your internet experience.

Get Rid of Speed & Data Caps

Even though they don’t outright state it, most providers have certain data caps on their connections. Often, these speed and data caps are just there to manage bandwidth and stay within regulations. However, if you want to, you can talk to your provider for packages with higher limits.

You might have to pay a bit extra to extend or remove these limits, so be prepared to negotiate accordingly. Once you have these limits out of the way, you can enjoy an optimal internet experience. Another way to tackle speed throttling is to use a VPN, so that location-targeted throttling is not applicable to you.

Place Router in a Central Location

Your router’s location plays a major role in how your internet performs. If you place it in a corner of your house, then most of your rooms won’t get uninterrupted signals. This will result in unevenly distributed signal efficiency, which can be quite annoying and slow down your internet.

So, place your router in a central location, with no obstructions. This will ensure that most of your home gets the right number of signals and you won’t have to deal with carrying your laptop or phone around to get those coveted four bars of Wi-Fi signals.

Reset Your Modem & Router

If you’re experiencing internet difficulties, then you may need to clear your connection’s caches once in a while. You might not know this, but your router can also get bogged down with cached information if you don’t clean it up once in a while.

To do this, you need to unplug your router and modem, leave them be for 15 minutes, then plug everything back again. Then, power up both your modem and your router, and you’ll see a marked improvement in signal speeds and connectivity.

Use an Ethernet Cable

To get the truly optimal internet experience, use an ethernet cable with some select devices. This will connect you directly to the internet, with no midway devices and cables causing you to lose out on signals. You should especially do this for your gaming devices, such as your consoles and PC.

In addition, if you need heavy-duty internet for your work purposes, then you should connect your laptop to the internet via ethernet. This will give you the fastest speeds possible, as there will be no issues with signal strength or wireless connectivity.

Use an Ad-Blocker

While advertisements are an almost unavoidable part of the internet experience, they also create various issues for your computer. With all the ads you get, you tend to lose out on internet speed due to their burden on the bandwidth.

Therefore, you should install an ad-blocker on your internet browsers to prevent these ads from interfering with speeds. Once you do, you can get the optimal, ad-free internet experience, with no annoying pop-ups in the way.

Install Security Software

Viruses and malware can be fatal to your internet speeds. They not only put your information and data at risk, they also tend to slow down your systems significantly. Therefore, you need to install anti-virus software and other security measures to prevent such breaches.

A decent security suite will cover all your bases and optimize your internet experience by protecting you from any disruptive elements.

To sum up, you can optimize your internet experience using a few simple methods and enjoy the best speeds and stable connectivity possible.

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