With an influx of new workers comes a change in the work environment. Millennials have foregone older methods of workplace communication and replaced them with a more friendly approach. Strict hierarchies and stressful environments are things of the past. It’s all about teamwork now. In order to create a millennial-friendly workplace, you’re going to need to embrace some of these changes.

1. Foster collaboration

Today’s millennial workers value collaboration above all else. They know that teamwork gets things done much faster than the efforts of one persistent individual. Very few projects rely on the brilliance and dedication of one mind. It’s all about getting the right team together and focusing on the goal at hand.

They also appreciate a team-based approach to the work environment. A hierarchy has to exist, but ideas and decisions have to be discussed with more open terms. Open and frequent dialogue is just one way to approach this. Using a team-like environment, you enable quite a bit of personal growth on both sides. Team leaders create a friendlier environment and allow team members to achieve more than they would in a strict subordinate position.

2. Intuitive employee training

There are a lot of stressful factors that go along with starting a new job. The first day is going to be filled to the brim with paperwork and learning to cope with a new work environment. When it comes to a modern office space, these things take on a much lighter tone. Millennial workspaces are supposed to be much more relaxed when it comes to welcome a new team member. Instead of having a mountain of paperwork to fill out, a new employee will be thrown straight into the work environment with the help and mentorship of their peers. Think of it like using training wheels on a bicycle.

Onboarding new members is done with the care necessary to get them up to speed as fast as possible. Millennial workers know that tackling on a bunch of stress won’t achieve anything, instead, it would be much more efficient to try a hands-on approach. Through this working approach, the new member is quickly introduced to the company culture, which makes the integration process that much easier.

3. The right commodities

The millennial workspace is supposed to feel like a second home. The open environment and discussions aren’t the only things that make you feel relaxed. There are often more than enough commodities to go around. A lounge space for resting is absolutely essential. You can’t come up with good ideas for a project if you’re constantly in work mode. A level of relaxation is needed to think and reset your thoughts.

These lounges should feature things that will stimulate creative thought. Some light music should set up the mood for discussion. Freshly squeezed juice is always a good way to refresh your taste buds and mind. A nice cup of coffee helps them get right back to work afterwards. Lavazza office coffee machines, and many similar on the market, offer just the thing you need for your office. You’ll find that a coffee break from work will stimulate even more productivity afterwards.

4. Communication is everything

The old days of pointless bureaucracy and horizontal communication are long gone. The new workplace is meant to be a public forum full of ideas and inspiration just waiting to be shared with everyone. Communication is one of the most important things you can have in a modern millennial work environment. With proper avenues of communication, you can get this done with lightning speed. Any problems that occur are quickly solved because workers aren’t afraid to speak up. Positive reinforcement is just as important. In these team-based environments, envy is a thing of the past. The success of your peers is just as important as your success, as it leads to projects that make your whole team successful.

In these environments, managers need to make sure they have the patience and dedication to get their ideas across. Performance issues are never to be kept in the dark. There are a multitude of tactics you can use to motivate your employees through sheer communication. That communication has to be a two-way street, though. It’s important to encourage team members to discuss their ideas and complaints openly and without repercussions. It’s in the best interest of the company, after all.


Not every change is welcome in modern workplaces. They tend to be archaic homes from outdated thoughts. Sometimes it’s good to let evolution take its course. There’s something about the modern millennial workspace that fosters innovation and good ideas. This might be why managers are constantly on the lookout for ways to create an office that is friendly towards millennials. With this in mind, you will want to take some of these pointers to heart if you want to attract this new wave of collaborative workers.

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