Yes this is one of the biggest problems us girls have when going to an unknown stylist or when trying out a new salon. Yes of course it’s always better to have your regular stylist cause he/she will know you and know what type of styles you prefer. But unfortunately it’s not always possible to have that one person- maybe sometimes he/she is unavailable and sometimes you just wanna try a new place! And sometimes till now you still haven’t found a stylist your happy with. Either way I’ll try and give you some tips how to make sure you don’t spend a lot of money and end up hating what you have on.


  • When it comes to makeup and hairstyles (May it be an up-do or just a blow dry) it’s sometimes hard to find someone who is good at both makeup and hair. But when u go to a proper salon you can get two different people to do it. Because sometimes the guy who is amazing with hair ain’t so great with makeup.
  • Next thing is simple- try find a picture of the kind of makeup and hair that you like. Save it on your phone and show them. I know this seems like obvious but most people don’t plan ahead. But it’s so important specially cause your spending a lot of money and you should get what you want. And even more importantly you don’t wanna go to your friendโ€™s wedding not happy with your styling. So Google away and find a picture you like and take it with you.
  • If you have any good makeup that you own take it with you. They will be able to use it. And if you have any makeup sponges and brushes please take your own. Cause using other people’s applicators are so gross. So much bacteria in them and a whole load of others have used them just before you. (This applies specially to foundation sponges/brushes)
  • Lastly voice your opinion. Seriously if you hate it half way tell them. Politely ask them to change some things around. I also sometimes get my hair done โ€“ very rarely. And as we go along I will tell them to change small stuff like the parting, how high the bump is or how much to back comb etc. Even though I have my usual stylists I still tell them time to time what I want although they’ve been doing my hair for a long time. I haven’t got makeup done by someone else in over 12 years – but I remember even when someone would back then I’d tell them before they start what sort of makeup I like.


So this is more serious, cause there ain’t no coming back unlike the earlier problems. If they cut off too much or give you a style that you hate, you have to wait a long time to grow it out or go back to another stylist to fix it which will take more inches off you.If it’s just a trim, then fine. No biggy! But tell them JUST A TRIM. Keep everything the same and cut off an Inch.

But if it’s a new style all together then really think about it-especially if you going for a drastic change. Hey I’m all for big changes and crazy dos; but know all the consequences. Read a bit about the style you want.

Few things to consider:

  1. Does it suit my face shape?
  2. Does it suit my personality, is it me?
  3. Can I wear whatever with this style (eg: office wear/casual/saree etc) or if you can’t, do u care?
  4. What’s the maintenance effort like?
  5. Will it look good on a daily basis when I style this haircut at home? (Sometimes with certain haircuts, it only looks good as you walk out of a salon and when you attempt to get that finish at home it doesn’t look the same at all)

Explain the hair cut you want really well; use words like- ‘I don’t want you to take the length off’ , ‘Cut layers but don’t make it super thin at the ends’ , ‘I don’t want my fringe to be too short, so please cut it gradually in stages’ etc.
Hopefully this article will help you and you will walk out of the salon next time. But in the long run the aim is for you to be able to do your own makeup and hair โ€“ which would mean that you are guaranteed to be happy with the end result. Hope my DIY videos and makeup tutorials are helpful and will allow you to achieve the different looks that you desire!

Have a good one and Iโ€™ll see you in my next video or article. Thanks for reading!

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