Creating a high-quality promotional video that will also attract customers is not an easy task.  Here you need to work hard and a lot of creativity in order to really be interesting and effective.

However, you can go straight to animated promotional video production and not waste time trying.ย  Since sometimes, it is still better to immediately contact the specialists in their field.

However, if you nevertheless decided to create such a video yourself, then now we will analyze some secrets.

Where to begin?

Creating videos for advertising always starts, of course, with thinking about the general concept of advertising.  What will be the main idea?  What will be featured in your video?  It’s also a good idea to write a short script and make a storyboard for clarity and convenience.

Where can I get video material for your video?  There are several options:

  • Record the video yourself.ย  This is perhaps the most time consuming route, but it can lead to good results if you have the necessary equipment, abilities and skills.
  • Hire professional cameramen and actors.ย  The result will be of high quality, but it is not cheap.
  • You can compromise and use one of the stock video banks.ย  These are websites where you can find excellently filmed and edited videos on just about any topic at an affordable price.

What works best on the Internet?

Even if you do not plan to be particularly creative, a video based on a typical scenario will work because it will be understandable to the viewer.  Here are the most popular plotting techniques.

  • Show the product in action.ย  This approach is ideal for new or complex products.ย  He works in all niches, where potential buyers may have a question: “Why do I need this?”
  • Compare “before” and “after”.ย  Effective in beauty topics, promotion of fitness products, and so on, where they pay not so much for the product itself, but for the effect.
  • Tell us about the product in the first person.ย  An effective technique is to record a video where an expert in a language understandable to the audience offers something and, without special effects, explains why it is worth the money.
  • History.ย  You can create a story without special effects and extras, but not without a clear script.ย  But this type of advertising video is the most viral and selling one, because it is built on working with emotions.ย  Due to the lack of direct selling, viewers are more willing to watch such videos, share with friends, imbued with confidence in the promoted product and buy.
  • Comparison or competition.ย  You can also use this technique yourself – without the actors and crew.ย  Its essence is to first tell and show the imperfections of the alternatives of your proposal, and then, against such a nondescript background, demonstrate that your product does not and cannot have such shortcomings.

Some companies produce commercials about themselves as if people would have no choice or not to watch. But the life of a modern person makes it possible to select from millions of different content choices. Let’s be extremely honest and determine which of these videos in the feed I will skip, and which I want to watch:

  1. Video where a raccoon stole food from the table.
  2. A man on a motorcycle flew over the canyon.
  3. New movie trailer.
  4. Elon Musk personally landed on Mars.
  5. Promotional video for your company.

This is the list that a person will come across today in their feed on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.ย  Therefore, the main task of an ad creator is to attract and retain attention.
Think over everything to the smallest detail and try to really interest the viewer, for this it is also fashionable to watch the explainer video by Explain Ninja.ย  And then success will surely await you!

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