As a musician, your appearance is just as crucial as your incredibly fantastic skill. Whether you are a guitar player or a pianist, you should invest some dedicated time in exploring the wardrobe options before going onstage for a performance. As a musician, once you put in the required time and effort to improve your appearance and style, you should notice an intense positive change in the audience.

Your audience responds to your vibe, so it wonโ€™t be wise to ignore it. You should remember that the industry you are in is called show-business for a reason. It is a lot about putting up a show and looking at the part as well. While sometimes you may see the response visibly, there would be times when the impact would be more subconscious. Whatever the case may be, you should always be attentive to your appearance and look classy while playing music. So, here are some tips we have to help you look more elegant.

Keep Your Style Statement Intact

There are specific profiles for different musicians, like people who want to see a pianist differently from a drummer or guitarist. However, you are not attending a Halloween or fancy dress party, so you are not bound to wear what is exactly expected of you. If something is just not your style, you donโ€™t have to feel bullied to wear it. It is good to maintain a unique sense of style while somewhat following the regular or expected profile as a musician.

The best strategy is to take the mainstream popular look for your musical genre and blend it with the unique aspects of your personality and preferred choices. This way, all you are doing is giving a slight push to your regular style statement.

Being Aware of Yourself on Stage

Maintaining an elegant appearance as a musician is not all about clothes. Your whole body language contributes towards creating a certain aura that your audience would find irresistible (or at least that should be the goal).

When you are on stage, be very aware of yourself and the surroundings but do not let go of the comfort string. Because as soon as you give in to the nervousness, your performance would take an instant blow. Itโ€™s a great idea to stand straight and strong on stage and give a professional and confident look. An excellent strategy to relax is to maintain deep breathing (without being unnatural about it). So, avoid shallow or rapid breathing because it would simply make you tumble down the rabbit hole, and nobody would want to go there while they are on stage and seconds away from a performance.

Wearing Black Is a Life Saver!

If you have to pick one color without thinking too much and not risking your appearance either, black should be the go-to color. Whether you are thinking of guitar performances or perhaps you have to consider blue grand pianos events, wearing black can easily save your day. Clothes in the shade of black look formal, trendy, and classic, so it makes you look ravishing during an on-stage pop guitar performance and elegant as well at a piano recital.

You have to be careful though about the styles you wear to the performance because the preferred dress categories or codes would be unique to the type of performance. Itโ€™s usually a brilliant idea to get rid of heavy jewelry that may make you appear distracting or too sparkly.

Be Real, Be Yourself

We cannot emphasize enough that you have to stay authentic and genuine to your nature if you want to ace the performance gracefully. Your appearance is a comprehensive construct encompassing many things, like a dress or body language and even your attitude. That said, keeping it real is the only way to go about it because you are not out to fool anyone on stage. Your audience would be smart enough to notice fakeness from afar.

With a positive attitude and staying honest, you would be able to rock even in the simplest outfits. Looking elegant or classy in performance doesnโ€™t mean you have to spend millions or go a mile. All you need is to introspect a bit and connect with yourself on a deeper level to bring out the authenticity that your audience craves.

Well, the above suggestions should get you all set up for an elegant and mesmerizing look in the next performance, and this classy appearance is not at the cost of your taste or preference at all. You can enjoy being yourself and still look at your role as a musician, which is more of what it is demanding from you.

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