As you get ready for a trip, whether it’s for work or leisure, you’ll probably go through all the details you need to prepare for, except for the period of time you’ll spend on the plane. Most people dread their flights, thinking that they have to spend a few hours bored out of their minds before the real fun begins, which is often true. However, because time is valuable, especially if you’re going on a business trip, you’ll need to make use of every moment, and this includes the time you spend on a plane. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you stay productive on a long flight.

If you want to know how you can do this, check out the following suggestions.

Stay Nourished

Traveling will make you tired. There is no way around it. However, you can reduce exhaustion by drinking enough water and snacking up. Taking this step will help you feel more awake, refreshed, and prevent you from getting motion sickness. If you’re planning on working on a project while you’re on a plane, you can pack a meal and some snacks, which will help you stay more focused on work. Don’t rely on what the airport or airline offers you during the flight, as it probably won’t provide you with enough nourishment. If you really want to stay focused, you have to bring your own sustenance.

Work Offline

It seems impossible to think that you can’t use the internet for an extended period, let alone spend hours on an airplane working without connecting to a Wi-Fi. While many planes have Wi-Fi, it is usually quite spotty, which will interrupt the flow of your work. The folks at BitLux Travel recommend that you try working offline to avoid these problems. To do this, you’ll have to be prepared beforehand by downloading all the necessary documents and files on your laptop or tablet so you can work on them during your flight.

Charge Your Devices

A lot of people consider uncharged devices the bane of productivity. If you don’t have your devices fully charged while on a flight, you won’t have access to your work documents, music, or even movies to keep you entertained. Your laptop will need a fully charged battery to stay working as long as possible. If your flight is particularly long, put your devices on airplane mode to save battery. You should also pack your device chargers so you can power them up whenever possible. On the off chance that you find a free outlet at the airport, make sure that you bring a power strip along with you.

Read a Book

Everyone has that one book that they never got to read, either because they were too busy or they were busy reading other books. If you’re going to spend long hours doing nothing on the plane, you might as well pack your book and catch up on your reading. Flights usually require something light, easy to read, and fun. Don’t bring a non-fiction book, though, as it will take a longer time to read. E-books about aircraft accidents won’t do well either, especially if it’s your first time on a plane.

Listen to a Podcast

Sometimes, staring at the screen of your laptop or trying to read a book will do more harm than good. A lot of people will find it hard to try and concentrate on anything visual, as it will automatically stimulate their motion sickness. In that case, you can pass the time by listening to your favorite podcast. When it comes to choosing a podcast, you’ll find a vast library on your favorite player, so make sure that you pick the ones that appeal to you most and download as many episodes as you need. Podcasts can be entertaining, educational, and inspirational. TED Talks podcast, for example, is a favorite of many people, as it covers a wide range of subjects addressed by different people.

Learn the Local Language

If you’re traveling to a destination where the population speaks an entirely different language than yours, you can use your time on the plane to pick up a phrase or two in their language. You can bring a language book along with you and learn simple phrases, such as ‘hello,’ ‘thank you,’ and ‘how much does that cost’. There is also an array of language apps, such as Duolingo which can help you learn the basics of the language.

With these tips in mind, you can now be more productive on your next flight. Remember that you can do any activity that helps you feel more productive and not just the ones mentioned here. Everyone has a different idea of entertainment and productivity, so feel free to choose whatever suits your needs best.

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