If you’re setting up an ecommerce store or improving one, you’re likely wondering how to keep users around.

Of course, you want your online store to succeed, which means figuring out methods to make that happen.

There are many ways you can improve your storefront, such as making navigation easy.

Having a wishlist option is another way to encourage users to revisit your site.

Whatever type of ecommerce store you have, if users have the best possible experience, you’ll be all set!

Here are five ways to build a fantastic website for your ecommerce business. Do an excellent job, and your customers will keep coming back for more!

1. Ask Your Customers What They’d Improve

An easy way to enhance a user’s experience is by asking customers how to improve the site. Or, you could ask them what they think of a product.

Set up automated emails so that a customer will receive one after they receive their product. It would help if you offered an incentive so they’ll feel more inclined to fill out the survey.

Based on their feedback, you’ll know whether to feature a product. And it’ll also be easier for you to come up with methods that’ll prompt your customers to come back for more.

2. Make Navigation Easy

Users will stick around on your site if the navigation on your website makes it easy for them to look around.

That means there shouldn’t be any unnecessary clicks. They should be able to find what they’re looking for right away.

Ask yourself what your ideal customers are and how they would shop. Once you have the answer to that question, it’s time to pick out your main categories.

Select top menu categories that your customers would be most likely to look for and click on your site.

So, for example, say you have an ecommerce yoga apparel website. Categorize things by Active Tops, Active Bottoms, and other similar categories.

If users find what they’re looking for, they’ll be more likely to purchase something again.

3. Display Well-Photographed Images

Customers will be buying products on your site based on what they see. That’s why it’s vital to have well-photographed images of what you’re selling.

If you’re selling clothing, take a picture of a model wearing it, or take a picture of it by itself in a well-lit room.

Your photographs should be professional and have excellent color.

To make clothing even more appealing, add a video of a model wearing the leggings.

Also, add a zoom feature so customers can view details on the clothing.

Taking the time to make sure your photos are pristine and colorful will go a long way.

4. Have a Wishlist Option

Users who visit your site might not want to buy something right away.

Giving them the option to add something to their wishlist is the perfect way for them to “heart” what they want.

Later, they can come back to your website and look at their wishlist again.

It’ll make it a lot easier for them to find what they want, add it to their cart, and then buy it!

5. Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website

Everyone is shopping online these days. It’s crazy to think that more than half of Americans buy things on their mobile devices.

It’s bad news if a user doesn’t like how your website functions on their phone. No pressure, but they are 62% less likely to come back and buy something in the future!

That means you should pour all your energy into creating a mobile-friendly website.

It’s up to you to develop an online shop that’s easy for users to navigate, buy things, and then come back again!

So test and retest how things look on a mobile phone. Have your friends and family members give you suggestions on how to improve it.

Taking their advice will help you enhance your website and keep the same customers.

In Conclusion

If a customer likes what they see on an online store and buys a product, that’s a good sign they’ll be back again.

Keep track of your user’s patterns as you continue to improve your online shop. What they buy and abandon in their cart will help you gauge what you should change and keep.

In time, you’ll no doubt build a user-friendly and visually appealing ecommerce site that’ll take off on the web!

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