Youtube is predominantly visited for valuable insights and obtaining knowledge. Youtube is a platform for recipe upload, videos on different subject matter to illustrate and share knowledge among people.

Posting videos on youtube increase your brand visibility and generate traffic for increased sales and conversion leading to enhanced benefits.

In recent years, online video consumption increased by 96% by 2020. Whether you want to create awareness on mental health, travel, hospitality, and other industries, you can convey them through a video to make it more presentable and understandable for your audience. Video ads can increase brand awareness by 170%.

Why adding Youtube to your video marketing strategy is essential?

By making a Youtube channel for your business, you create a platform for prospects to learn more about your brand. For example, you can introduce your brand, its mission, vision, and how it will serve others, either through products or services. 

80% of revenue is generated through video, as stated by video marketers. In addition, the return on investment through videos has satisfied 91% of the marketers. Hence, posting videos consistently on Youtube can increase your brand reach, conversions, and ROI. Furthermore, Youtube analytics also allows you to keep track of your video’s performance.

Did you know that  Google ranks videos from Youtube on SERPs? Yes, you read that right. You must have noticed that whenever you search for something on Google, the top results are often Youtube videos. Hence, utilizing Youtube can definitely add an extra boost to your marketing strategy.

Keep these points in mind before creating a video for Youtube

  • Identify what your customer wants and state a problem
  • Clarify the problem and device the solution through a product or service
  • Create a catchy title and meta descriptions
  • Use stories to keep your audience engaged
  • Evaluate your competitor’s videos

Generating Brand Awareness and traffic through videos

1. Craft a creative video content

Making creative video content can seem challenging as the video content should be high in quality, visually appealing, contribute value to your audiences. That is why you must conduct research about your niche and target audience before creating a video marketing strategy.

This will help you create a video that is both creative and unique. In addition, knowing about your viewer’s likes and dislikes will help you create videos that the audience wants to watch. Hence, you can increase your engagement and reach.

2. Use eye-catching thumbnails for visual appeal

Youtube uses a screenshot from the video as a thumbnail by default. For this reason, the thumbnails of many videos are often unattractive. So, you should always customize your video’s thumbnail before posting.

Customization will help you create an eye-catching thumbnail that goes perfectly with the video and attracts more viewers.

3. Add Call-to-action to your video before posting on youtube

Add creative, innovative, and unique CTAs in your videos to make a mark on your audience. Call-to-action inserted in your video provides an edge over your competitors. In addition, CTAs clarify your customer’s purpose in their journey to buy your product and service.

In addition, they initiate them to take appropriate action at the right time. 

4. Use a compelling title for youtube videos

The title is what tells the viewers what the video is about. So you should always use unique and compelling video titles to grab the visitor’s attention. In addition, you should ensure that you add keywords in the title. You can find the keywords by conducting research and using keyword generator tools.

Here are some tips to generate good video titles,

  • Make sure to include the word ‘video’ in the title.
  • Keep the title characters around 66. This will help in optimizing your video.
  • Learn from existing videos on YouTube.
  • Always use keywords in the title.

5. Keep a posting schedule for your videos

A key to attracting a steady flow of users is posting videos consistently. That is why you should create a posting schedule for your videos. The schedule will help you regularly upload videos to Youtube. In addition, you can also schedule your posts according to the ongoing trends. 

6. Cross-promoting your videos

Cross-Promotion is an essential aspect of marketing. Cross-promotion of your videos on youtube channels generates visibility and optimization. Especially if you are creating multiple videos about similar content, you should link one video with the other.

For example, suppose you posted two how-to videos on your channel about your product. Then you can add the link to the other video in the description.

In addition, you should promote the videos posted on Youtube on Social Media Channels. This will increase your brand reach and attract more viewers.

7. Livestreaming videos

Video live streaming is a great way to reach people; by offering something of value matching their interests. Posting live streaming videos on Youtube increases reach, drives traffic and engagement.

Live streams also initiate a real-time connection with your audience onscreen so that you can convey your message with an impact.    

8. Stay focused on getting your video ranked on SERPs

It is no surprise that Google is giving a lot of attention to YouTube videos. Knowing the importance of videos, Google and other search engines have started indexing and ranking videos on SERPs. So, make sure you perfectly optimize your videos for search engines.

You can do this by,

  • Adding keywords in the description and title
  • Include captions in your video
  • Add keyword in the video file
  • Use hashtags in the video

9. You can introduce tags and metadata for video content

Introducing title, descriptions, categorization enhances visibility for your video. Similarly, a video tag helps in categorizing your video and generates better visibility. In addition, adding keywords to the video can also improve SEO ranking.

11. Collaborate with other YouTubers

YouTube has more than 37 Million active channels. And every one of these channels has hundreds of viewers. So think how much exposure your brand will get if you collaborate with a YouTuber with a high following.

You can use tags to find Youtuber related to your brand. Collaborating with them will not only increase your brand’s awareness but also increase your website traffic and introduce many potential customers.

Types of videos you can create for business

Every video is unique because no creator thinks alike. But the type of videos you can create is limited. Mentioned below are the best types of videos you can use to get traffic and brand exposure.

Animated Explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are the best at attracting the target audience. With animations, you have the free will to create whatever character you want, weave your own story, and best of all, create your own world.

For example, you can show the customers how and why your company was started using an animated explainer video. In addition, you can create the character of the company’s founder and show their story to viewers.

A plus point of using animated explainer videos is that they are extremely affordable. There’s no need to hire actors, go through the hassle of shooting or producing the video, or even buy recording equipment.

Instead, you can just hire experienced animators, or better yet, you can contact an animation video production company.

Whiteboard Animation Explainer videos

A type of animated explainer videos, whiteboards animation explainer videos are also pretty affordable to make. In addition, they are great at converting prospects. These videos offer explanations about your brand or product/service through 2D graphics.

When produced adequately, whiteboard videos can be extremely fun and engaging. But for creating these videos successfully, it would be better to hire a professional Whiteboard animation explainer video company.

Video Blogs

Video blogs or Vlogs are extremely popular on Youtube. As a result, these Vlogs can be an ideal way to increase brand exposure. In addition, you can use these blogs to answer prospects’ questions or talk about trending topics related to your niche.

In addition, you can also optimize these blogs to increase your reach. To do that, you must incorporate keywords in the video caption, description, and title.

Testimonial videos

Is there a customer group interested in your product/service but not deciding to buy? You can use testimonial videos to urge them to take action.

In addition, posting these videos on youtube with proper optimization will allow you to reach a wider audience. And, when this audience sees the customer’s stories about the product or services, there are high chances they will check your brand out.

How-to Videos

Whenever people want to learn how to do something, they visit Youtube. And since the pandemic, the craze for how-to videos has increased ten-fold. So posting how-to videos related to your niche or product/services can help you increase traffic and brand exposure.

Shopify is a great example of using how-to videos to increase brand exposure. The brand consistently posts videos related to running an e-commerce store on its Youtube channel.


In conclusion, adding videos to Youtube amplifies reach. Simplifying content enables your customers to understand your message and leave an impact clearly. In addition, Youtube gets approximately 122 Million users every day. Hence, Youtube videos can provide your brand with the exposure and reach it needs.

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