Figuring out what is wrong with your home can be a headache and a half. Not only does it feel like you are looking without a clue, but you might not even be sure there is a problem at all. This is a common issue for many homeowners who are unsure about what kinds of issues there are around the house.

There can be a lot that goes wrong in a home, but more often than not it is a very fixable problem. These common problems are findable, fixable, and most importantly, a good learning lesson in being a truly responsible and handy homeowner.

Here is how you can spot common household problems:

Structural Problems

Surely, you can’t handle every common household issue by yourself, but it is fixable. For instance, when it comes to structural damage, not only do you not have the skill to do it, but you definitely do not have the equipment as well. These issues can be related to improper joints in the wood frame, uneven surfaces, or cracking foundation. Structural damage is a big problem and it should be left to the professionals. However, it is important to be able to find it. Looking at your load-bearing walls, foundation walls, and door headers are quick ways to spot any damage or concerns.


Most plumbing issues are quite solvable with some tools found around the home. Things as common as drain snakes, plungers, and wrench sets can fix a leaky pipe or clogged drain in a matter of minutes, but that is not the full story. Burst pipes, severe water damage, or an improperly installed water heater that leaks from the top or bottom can pose some problems for your home and this might be out of your expertise range. Luckily enough, the experts at reveal how to spot these problems and fix them. The important part is not always being able to do it yourself, but being able to communicate the issue to make the resolution simpler.

Ventilation and Air Flow Issues

If you notice that your central AC, thermostat, or airflow is working double-time just to cool or heat your home, you are likely experiencing ventilation and airflow problems. Likely causes are debris stuck in an outside AC unit, something is blocking a vent opening, or the filter is old and full of dust and particles. Simple fixes that can be spotted by just about anyone, if you pay enough attention. You might also want to take a peek at your thermostat and see that it is properly set so that the AC and the temperature are correctly calibrated and not working out of sync, which is a very common problem.

Sealing Issues

Improperly sealed windows and doors can let in cold or hot air as well as dispel them from your home. This issue is a little separate from ventilation and airflow because it pertains to the actual seals holding these features together. It could be an improperly installed window or it could simply be that you need to caulk the window sill better. Hold your hand up and hover it around the seals of your windows and doors to find if there is a potential seal issue. Taking a window out and fixing it might require a window specialist, and likewise for a door, but you could be losing hundreds to thousands of dollars on energy lost because of these poor seals.

Electrical Problems

a man fixing an electical issue at house

Minor electrical issues like light fixtures or panels can be replaced with ease, but actual wiring problems throughout the house are a no-go for you. These are difficult to deal with but often easy to spot. Power surges or tripping power sources can be traced back to where your connections might be improperly installed, damaged, or not correctly maintained. You will likely notice it in your appliances and your lights. These are dead giveaways that you either need to replace a light or you are seeing a bad wiring job and need to fix it to prevent any future issues.

Spotting problems around the house can be tricky for those who are inexperienced in finding the source of household issues. These are often hidden behind drywall or tucked away, but there’s plenty that can be seen with the naked eye. Wiring issues, plumbing, and structural problems might seem like stuff that is out of your expertise, and it probably is, but what is important is being able to correctly find it and address it to resolve it.

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