Dress for a woman is more like the right pinch of salt in a meal. The natural beauty in a woman gradually get enhanced with right fitted clothes are worn. Women by birth are gifted with a flawless beauty in their figure and the features of the face, which is why many commercialised products and brands such as Lโ€™Orรฉal, MAC, H&M etc., are thriving in existence by tapping into such markets. In a world striving to attain gender equality with regard to wages and humanitarian acts, it is crucial to be well averse with knowing to dress appropriately everywhere. Out of which workplace is pivotal, as a woman mostly gets judged by her choice of dress when at work. The next occasion mostly judged is at your family weddings for which most of my readers would agree. Generally, the fashion style chosen by a woman personifies her expression of self. Hence the styles you wear imitates your personality.

Types of Dress Codes for Work

Workplace attire is not always professional attire, most of the workplaces practise Friday as a dress down day where the employees are allowed to wear a more casual dress code, possibly the company t-shirt or other casual attire. Let us split the occasions into three main categories to see what the best to be worn.

1) Business Formal Attire

When your presence is required for the companyโ€™s annual award ceremony or other dinners planned with your premier clients it is vital to dress elegant and maintain professionalism. In such occasions formal dresses with appropriate heels manageable to walk briskly with uplifted self-esteem. Light make-up and one-piece jewellery would steal the show furthermore. A skirt suit or dark-toned pants suit also match the occasion professionally.

2) Business Professional Attire

For a meeting with a third party group of individuals or for a career with a conservative setting such as in banking and analyst such dress codes fit well. However, these garments need to be tailored properly to fit you well. A business professional woman is identified with a tidy skirt worn under a button-down shirt topped with a blazer. Further note to wear a classic pair of heels, loafers or flats with minimalistic jewellery.

3) Business Casual Attire

For your everyday office schedule that is occupied with client meetings, a more business casual outfit supports you both physically and psychologically. Untucked button-down shirts with a trouser, pencil skirt with a blouse worn with a pair of flats or mules make you ready for a casual business setting.

All in all, the most prominent aspect of exhibiting feminism via our outfit is maintaining dignity and self-esteem. Whatever you wear it needs to occupy a less significant worry in your mind. While portraying your self-identity, the clothes you choose to wear needs to give you comfort and peace of mind.

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