There’s hardly been a gamer who at some point didn’t fantasize about having a dedicated PC gaming room. Such a highly-customizable space with an amazing desktop, drool-worthy ambient lighting, liquid-cooled graphics, and limited edition items is a true treasure to anyone who can afford it. What’s more, just imagining a room filled with the latest gaming equipment, like a Razer gaming mouse is enough to make any serious gamer smile.

In reality through, few gamers ever get to build the ultimate PC gaming room, as premium items don’t come cheap, and neither does the futuristic furniture, custom painted peripherals, and the artistic blend of the room’s theme. However, if gaming is your main free-time occupation, perhaps these gaming room tips can inspire you to try and make one of your own.  

Repaint the walls

I guess that no one imagines an ultimate gaming room with the walls remaining crispy white. Repainting the walls in the selected room is going to be your step one in the ultimate game room quest. While personal preferences may vary, a relatively time-proof suggestion is to use deep shades of dark blue wall paint, and purple coloured ceiling primer with matte finishing. Such a colour scheme lends itself well for a space-themed room, as well as for the oceanic ambient. If you’re ordering wall paint from Amazon, look for semi-gloss 2-in-1 primer and paint buckets. Depending on your room shape and size, you may need more than one bucket of paint, and unless you have some XP in painting walls, you may need a professional painter. Seriously, don’t waste your time trying to paint walls on your own just to prove something. When you incorporate the ambient lighting, any imperfections will show more clearly on the dark colour theme.

Pick a theme

What separates ultimate gaming rooms from good gaming rooms is having a theme. Apart from making your gaming experience more enjoyable, having a themed gaming room makes for a huge talking point with visitors. If you don’t know here to start, or having hard choices, maybe you should look up some of the inspiring gaming themed rooms online. There you can find inspiration ranging from a Yavin 4 Rebel Base to a highly stylized Batcave. Keep in mind that many of those themes may cost as much as your entire gaming room budget, but they are great for giving your ideas. Just pick your favourite franchise or game and build your space around it. On the other hand, a gaming room theme doesn’t need to connect to a single specific game, movie, or a graphic novel. You can try with broader themes, like dystopian future room, where you’d incorporate elements from Hunger Games, Fallout, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Bioshock, and more. Some amazing gaming rooms don’t even associate to a series, but rather use general ideas like Neon, Art Deco movie theatre, Steampunk, etc.

Get the light right

Once the paint is dry, and you’ve picked a theme, what you need next is a few ultraviolet LED tube lights to make your gaming lounge more dramatic. If you’ve chosen the blue-purple theme, the following recommendation works perfectly with it. The purpose of having LED UV back lights is to make you feel comfortable, while accenting your walls and decorations. However, keep in mind that if you live in Australia, where anything more than changing a lightbulb is considered licensed electrical work, you’ll need a professional Sydney electrician to rewire your room for additional light fixtures. Unless you hire professional painter to stylize a couple of franchise characters in glow paint, you can use some pre-set stencils from Amazon and paint your shapes perfectly, without a drop of paint missing the spot. Apart from a LED UV Back Light Arm light with T5 integrated fixtures, you’ll also need a regular LED lighting, as you probably wouldn’t want to turn the UVs every day.

Monitor, TV or a projector?

Although a tri-monitor setup would be ideal for an ultimate gaming experience, with a fourth on top for absolute bragging, in reality you need at least 2 screens for a great gaming experience. For those who prefer a TV display to conventional monitors, you can get a 55-inch OLED screen such as the remarkable LG OLED55B6P 4K Ultra HD TV. Ranged just between $2,000 and $2,500, it comes with a ton of latest features. However, if you need a TV display in your gaming lounge as well, go for a smaller one, with a 27 to 35-inch screen. As a projector-based display setup is concerned, it’s meant for gaming and movies only, as you probably won’t be able to use it for your work. If you’re planning to use a projector, remember to retain one wall in a neutral colour.

Consider seating options

Unless you’re considering investing in a quality piece, a couch is not a greatest of choices. A typical couch will sink after a few months, so instead why don’t you consider the CordaRoys Convertible Bean Bag Chair which can double as a beanie couch, as well. This innovative bean bag comes in multiple colours, and it’s built to last and remain comfortable over years. On the other hand, if you prefer sitting at the desk, you need a stylish computer gaming chair. This sleek design of the DX Racer series is inspired by the original Ferrari and NASCAR seat layouts, with an addition of 3D adjustable arms and an extra high backrest for increased neck and spinal comfort.

When you were a child you were dreaming of a gaming room where no one wanted to watch the news in midst of the pivotal Dungeon Siege II quest you’ve been running through, and where no one’s phone chatter could ruin the quest-related narrative sequences in TES4: Oblivion. Now when you’re an adult of independent means, you can use these tips to make that dream come true.

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