Thanks to Smart phone, its creators receive a number of benefits determined by the download, when it is paid, by advertising or other means when they are free.

There are more than one million apps for unscramble Android in the Google store, so there are a lot of options for entertainment or phone development. Although most range from 0 to 2 Euros, there are much more expensive apps.

There is infinity of unscramble games on Android that are worthwhile, although they start with a high price tag: today we bring you a few expensive games for Android that is worth scratching your pocket.

The Sims 3

We continue with the outstanding titles because the following application deals with another phenomenon that has managed to cross borders. We could safely say that The Sims is the most famous life simulator in the world, and we can also enjoy them in our Android.


We cannot avoid returning to those famous games with this game, a real milestone that has passed through the hands of gamers of many generations: GTA: San Andreas is one of the titles that have won the hearts of many, and we can play from our mobile thanks to the advancement of technologies.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

The game that continues to the GTA has nothing to do: combining the massive universe of Star Wars with the popular LEGO that we have all played we find a genius game, and we can get the full saga to play it in our Android.

Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO

We all also know the adventures of Lara Croft; the protagonist of the adventures of Tomb Raider, but Square Enix has given a different touch with Lara Croft GO, a turn-based puzzle game that has an aesthetic of the most careful.

From adventures, we went to sports, because the official NBA game for this year, NBA 2K16, was recently presented, and we also have an Android adaptation that will delight sports fans.

The Dark Knight Rises

We jump from sports to pure and simple action with the help of The Dark Knight: a game of Game loft-inspired by the trilogy of Christopher Nolan, and in which Batman returns to action after disappearing for eight years.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

If we talk about Baldur’s Gate, we talk about a saga that has become a true classic and benchmark since it came out in 1998, and that we can already enjoy on our devices with the original 60 hours of play.

Deduce – Grandmaster edition

[Price: $ 200]

Deduce is a game that is advertised as being faster than tic-tac-toe and more complicated than chess and can be enjoyed by people between four to 104 years of age. Of course, it would have to be one of those two ages who want to pay that amount of money for this game. It has very minimal graphics and a menu interface that came directly from the most popular user interface trends of 1994. Each player can only make eight moves per game and can win a game by winning six matches by a margin of two. Basically, it is a chess game in which each piece is a queen. There is also a non-Grandmaster Edition for $ 0.99.

Got Cash

[Price: $ 200]

The application does absolutely nothing and does not even contain a widget to show your financial success. The icon is a low-definition gross dollar sign, and the application literally does nothing. He does it so little that there are no images of it so instead, enjoy this kitty.

More expensive App

[Price: $ 200]
More expensive App

The application is not found although it may have been more appropriate to say that it has tied in the most expensive application. Like most other applications so far on this list, the more expensive App does not do anything. When you start the application, there is a screen that explains that it is the most valuable application. We, personally, think that you could use some material design, but it is what it is. Fortunately, the application blatantly says that it does nothing and even encourages people not to buy it. The name of the package is still “” At least ten people have purchased the application.


[Price: $ 200 ($ 1.94)]

Peek actually has an interesting story. It was initially released under Francisco Franco’s account but was actually developed by another person. That someone finally got a Google Play developer account, and his country finally allowed developers to publish paid applications. Therefore, the project was moved to the asset developer account, and you can find it here for $ 1.94. However, there are still a considerable number of people who bought the application while it was under Francisco’s account. So, instead of taking it down, Francisco Franco made impiously expensive, so the people who already bought can continue to receive updates while encouraging newcomers to purchase the application of the real prog.

Super Color Runner

[Price: $ 200]

Super Colour Runner is an endless runner game in which you must fill four roads with energy. You have to avoid Sentry Cyclops (sic) and amazing Munchers while charging yourself up to the use of batteries. It looks and apparently plays like an Atari game, and although we admit that retro games are a great thing on Android, we think this may be a bit too retro. Or too expensive. Or both. Probably both.

Preparation MBE – e-BarReview

[Price: $ 199]

Preparation MBE

This is the first application on this list that actually seems to have some use. This is a study software intended to help lawyers pass the bar exam that allows them to become licensed attorneys. This is for the multiple state review (hence the MBE) and comes with a simulated 200-question test that can be taken, in a practice test mode, a Q-style flashcard & A Mode, and has more of 1,000 question in it. He also boasts of being licensed by the NCBEX and has explanations for the answer to each question. Those who have gone to college know that study materials can often be so expensive so this really is not all that was out of place. There is also a slightly cheaper version for $ 74.99.

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