At the moment, LinkedIn is almost the only international platform that is tailored specifically for working interactions and the search for new projects. Of course, you can use FB workgroups, but they won’t give you half as many useful tools and features that LinkedIn can give. Therefore, if you are facing a serious task โ€“ to find a partโ€“time job or a full-scale job – it is better to choose this social network to boost your capabilities through the development of a personal page. In this text, we will talk about how to do this, what works for development in 2023 and how you can buy LinkedIn shares to spread information about your intentions and get results as quickly as possible.

Where to start?

In fact, the promotion will not be limited to buying reposts alone: in order to achieve results, you must first firmly indicate your intentions. For LinkedIn, this means making a good resume and portfolio that will be focused on the specific position you are looking for, filling out the entire profile and trying to build a connection on the platform with all the people you know who are also registered on it.

And only when you are sure that all endorsements have been received and all followers have been collected, you can start buying reposts. It is very important to keep in mind that you need only real shares that will put your profile in a good light: if you buy reposts from bots, you will not have to wait for anything good, moreover, the platform itself can put you in a shadow ban. Therefore, be careful and choose the right promo company to work with โ€“ for example, we can say for sure that Soclikes and Viplikes are good options, since we know about their principles of operation, but any other agencies can easily use bots to achieve their clients’ goals.

How to tell if a promo service is good for you?

Unfortunately, there can be no reinforced concrete guarantee โ€“ you can only rely on the reviews of previous customers and on the data that the company discloses about itself. A green flag is if the company’s managers are willing to answer your questions and are real people who can give good advice regarding online promotion. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you spend some time looking for a good service; if you don’t have time, you can use the link we gave in the first paragraph โ€“ it will save you time and money.

Bonus: how to create a strong portfolio

If you want results, you will have to make an effort: a unified portfolio is not suitable for any case. Try to visualize first what the position of your dreams should look like โ€“ and then include in your portfolio exactly those works that will reflect the qualities you have that are needed for this position. Do not include in your portfolio absolutely all the works you have, select only those that will demonstrate your main successes and achievements. There may even be 2-3 projects, the employer will not need more to evaluate you as a master in any case โ€“ let’s just say they simply will not have time to view all the materials.

Letโ€™s sum up: to boost your page on LinkedIn and quickly find work you need to work on your profile and use some third party services to make sure that people notice that you are in search of a job right now. Use only high quality services and donโ€™t settle for something cheap, but dangerous, and good luck!

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