What are email newsletters?

Just like any newsletter, email newsletters are write-ups that are sent to a certain list of people showcasing what is being offered at a certain time. It could be services, products, or in most cases, a list of events and potential occurrences related to the website.

Using them to boost your sales or conversions is a bold move to take for anyone. This is because you already have them part of your sign-up list, it’s, therefore, easier for you to send them out. However, there are so many things that you should be careful with while you dish them out.

I will mention the major ones I have encountered, though I know I should mention, there are so many others out there. You only need to work with what you feel works for you at this time. 

Ways to make your email newsletters boost your sales by 150%.

1. It requires a bold and catchy title

The more attractive and interesting your newsletter title and theme are the more your clients will remember it. Ensure that what you are trying to pass across is visible and clear enough to help them understand without much stress.

The more creative you are in designing your newsletter the more interesting it will sound to whoever is trying to read it.

2. It should on a voluntary sign up list

A newsletter is just like notifications that you get about a product. It will only work well when the recipient is looking forward to it. Imagine having letters sent to you, from a marketing company that sells sports equipment yet you are not a very sporty person.

Therefore, you should ensure that the people in your sign-in list that are receiving the newsletter voluntarily signed up for it.

3. Work on relevant promotions

Newsletters are usually aimed at updating clientele of the things you have running and what you are currently offering. Most of the time, they are usually monthly based on the month’s theme.  Making them relevant to the time and the niche of people that will receive them makes it more interesting to them.

This is how you get people asking about them and even sharing with other people easily because many people can relate to the need of having what you are offering at that time.

4. Don’t make the newsletters very common

Too much of anything is usually a drag. People get bored easily and no longer find the need to even read them. You then find yourself being sent to the spam section so many times by many of them.  The less you send them, the more they look forward to hearing from you.

The other problem of sending too many of them is the chance of repetition. You will end up showing them the same item in several newsletters which will be expensive for you and at the same time, boring for your readers.

5. Include share options to third party members

Not many people have captured this art, but making it easy for your sign-up members to share the newsletter with people who are not on your sign-up list is a great marketing tactic. Finding a way to link it to other platforms makes it easier for them.

It is also the best way to get more traffic to your website because more positive feedback will be sent outside your platform which is better than the ones you post within your website. More people get to hear of it and therefore become more interested in it.

6. Incorporate a count-down timer for your offers

The newsletters have to be timely and unique. This means, whenever your customers find a newsletter, they should be looking forward to something new and interesting being sent out.  Having count-down time offers pushes them to check out the offer faster.

Psychology proves that items are purchased more when the buyer is at a time limit. The same thing will go for your offer. Telling them that it is only open for a certain time, makes them even more interested in getting it.

7. Put links for your other online accounts

The more you see something, the more you get interested and the more you want to know about it. Placing the same offers and promotions that you included in your newsletters, makes it seem more serious and authentic.

Therefore, for anyone who is connected to more than one of your online platforms, it is easier to get them more interested because they have seen it more than once.

8. Ensure you have a point-of-contact link

While you are sending out the newsletters, you should keep in mind that your list also contains potential and new clients. They may need to contact you for further inquiries about what you are offering.

It is therefore very important that you keep this in mind. Always set up a link on a visible part of the newsletter where they can connect with you easily whenever they need to do it.

9. Include comment section

Most newsletters don’t have this feature. However, you could send a random follow-up mail enquiring how the newsletters proved to be effective or not. It should also create a chance for them to suggest better ways of handling the newsletters in the future.

Feedback is very important to maintain contact with your clients. It builds trust.


Using an email newsletter is not something new for most people. However, finding new ways to get people to get interested in it is the trick. How you set up the newsletter and deliver the message that you are trying to pass across says it all. Make sure it is visually attractive, customer-based, has count-down timer offers, have relevant information, and are sent to people who are actually on your sign-up list to prevent being spammed.

Your newsletter is your active advert space, make people see why they should interact more with you.

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