Is your goal to be a Fashion Designer someday? Back up that dream by setting your career path right from the very beginning. College is one of the most crucial elements in moulding one’s future career, but almost every day we come across people who happen to regret their choice of College which took away opportunities which they would’ve had if they were in the right track.

Especially when it comes to fashion and textile studies in the UK, the competition is relatively high. With talent possessing all opportunities, the right education would guide you to the correct aim. If you feel like Fashion is your forte, don’t think twice, refer this list of the 5 best Universities in the UK to learn Fashion and Textile. This list and all the described facts are based on The Guardian – University League Tables for 2019 and each of their respective websites.

The University of Edinburgh

Making it all the way up to the top of the list is, The University of Edinburgh sits right on as the Number 1 University to learn Fashion and Textile in the UK. This dynamic and award winning programme is one of the few studies in the UK which gives more emphasis on the students’ personal creativity and innovation while nurturing them to bring out the utmost potential of each individual.

This 4 year BA is integrated with the practical studio work, Design & Screen Cultures courses provide a contextual and theoretical understanding of the holistic nature of contemporary design. By the end of the programme the students develop a personal research plan, designing a six-outfit graduate collection that may be showcased at the annual Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Shows and exhibited externally if applicable, along with a dissertation.

If you are a Scottish student planning to study full time for a first degree interested in enrolling for Fashion in ‘The University of Edinburgh’ would be eligible to have their fees paid by the Scottish Government for the full period of study.

Staffordshire University

Fashion is an ever-changing industry that needs professionals who can respond to its challenges. On this course, you’ll gain the skills to analyze existing ideas and express yourself through unique, creative fashion designs that delight, shock and inspire. The speciality of this programme is that lectures happen in small groups, giving more attention to each student ensuring more contact with staff.

During the study, each student gets their own designated studio space alongside well-equipped workshops and to make the 3 year academic final exciting, students get to work on live industry projects for real companies – gaining work experience to boost their portfolio.

Loughborough University

Making it to the third of our list, Loughborugh University is one of the best places to study Fashion and textile in the UK. According to the National Student Survey 2017, overall satisfaction on textile education has ranked up to 97%. And further 93% of those who graduated from Loughborough textile studies are employed.

As a student studying Fashion and Textile, students have access to a wide range of excellent facilities, including areas dedicated to printing, weaving, dyeing, stitch, embroidery and CAD, supported by knowledgeable technical staff and encompassing both traditional and digital approaches to practice. The Staff are also engaged in both research and professional practice, providing valuable insight into activity within the Textiles sector. The programme ensures that all students have broad first-hand experience in processes involved in the planning and production of contemporary Textile outcomes, whilst developing specialized knowledge aligning with current contextual requirements – Interiors, Fashion, Textiles Art, Research and the developing area of Digital Production.

The study includes innovative workshops, self-generated project work, seminars and technical training to all students throughout its 4-year programme.

Nottingham Trent & Salford University

Both these universities scored equally at the Guardian University League Table and their Fashion Textile studies are ranked two of the top programmes in the UK.

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University hosts several outstanding course programmes related to Fashion, Designing and Textiles Marketing.

Graduates of Fashion and Textile study programmes from Nottingham is known to have 100% demand for employment in the fashion industry. Textile students get to exhibit their work in the final year at the Degree Show in Nottingham, with the opportunity to be selected for New Designers, London. Apart from that students also gain a professionally accredited degree – this is the only textile design degree in the UK accredited by the Chartered Society of Designers (CSD).

Fashion students of Nottingham Trent receives the Opportunity to apply for an international exchange to one of their partner institutions, including the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. At the final year, they get to showcase their final year work on the catwalk at the Nottingham Degree Show with the opportunity to be selected for Graduate Fashion Week, London.

Salford University

On the next of our list is Salford University which has an amazing study programme for Fashion and Textile education. The Undergraduate Fashion Degree Programme is an opportunity for students to enhance their employability through local and international work placements, global collaborations and partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry while also gaining the opportunity to exhibit locally and on the catwalk at a professional show at Graduate Fashion Week in London.

The course reflects contemporary practice in the fashion industry, with individual creativity as its core. Each student is encouraged to explore their individual talents through the application of the professional design process, from original concept to final product. This course aspires to create flexible and creative fashion practitioners with well-developed personal skills. Through a range of inspiring modules, students become multi-skilled and professional in an environment where personal talent and individual development is nurtured.

This 3-year academic programme is believed to be very flexible with modules and practical whilst ensuring employment in the Fashion Industry.

So if you are passionate about Fashion and Textiles, look no further! We’ve listed the best institutions to enrol for your Fashion degree programme and start chasing your dream today!

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