When it comes to donations, we now have the internet as a place to receive them. Technology has made it easier for those who want to support their local church by donating through online payments. This article will explore the ways that technology and the existence of websites such as mobileAxept have helped non-profit organisations such as churches to survive as places of worship.


GiveNow Text will enable members to tithe using their mobile phone. They can manage their donations 24/7 and edit their profile. It is possible to arrange recurring donations and to give to different funds using this app. For those who like to keep a track of what they have given so far, then they can do this through donation history. Church administrators can view donations made in realtime and other details related to a particular donation.

SwiftGive will allow church members to donate with just a couple of clicks. It makes it so easy and is, therefore, more likely to encourage members to donate.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phone apps are the way forward in terms of mobile donating because they mean that people will also donate spontaneously when they think about it. If we give something too much thought then there is the temptation that we might change our mind about something that is the right thing to do. What can be more worthwhile than giving to a local church that provides you with a place to worship and is always there to support you?

Easier payments

When we want to donate regularly, we do not want to do it with loose change, we want to set up a regular amount between our bank and, for example, the church where we want to give the money to. It is more convenient because we then do not need to think about it each month. It can be taken care of for us. It will be comforting to know that the money will get to where we want it to go to the benefit of all of us involved.

Until more recently, non-profit organisations have been losing out because they have many older members who have not embraced technology. However, technology these days is becoming simpler to use because of the invention of apps that are easy to click on and straightforward to use. Children and grandchildren are educating their elders on how to use them. Everyone feels satisfied when they have been able to make contributions to their church in that way. For those younger, our work situations and peers have taught us about the technology that we now use to great efficiency in everything that we do. This includes the ease at which we can donate to places that will put all of our money towards their good use. As the term โ€œnon-profitโ€ suggests, these organisations are not about making money but about using efficiently the money we give them, to support themselves and others they provide a service of charity or worship to. We rely on them as much as they rely on us for help and support.

To conclude, non-profit organisations, whether it be yours or someone elses, can now make use of apps to collect their donations, so that it is made as easy as possible for members wanting to help. Mobile phones make the situation of donating more spontaneous rather than have someone go back home and change their mind. Payments are so easy to make that we no longer have to think about making them. Regular payments can be set up for the convenience of not having to re-set things up. We will not miss the money knowing that it is going to a cause dear to our hearts, particularly in the case of a local church or similar provider of services to the community.

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