Sometimes you have to do what it takes to get out of a situation. One tricky situation that many people find themselves in is when they have to undergo a urine or drug test. That thing can make anyone nervous, mainly if you used some drugs a few days before the interview.

These drugs are so familiar in so many companies nowadays. Interviewees have to take one to get a job. However, there is a way you can get your way around it. You can use synthetic urine; otherwise known as fake urine.

If you want to know how this urine can change your whole life, then here are the details you would like to know.

Where it comes from

Synthetic urine is like regular urine. Meaning, it resembles urine in looks and the organic contents you will find in pee. Its invention was, somehow a mistake made by a scientist who was trying to create something completely different. He ended up having urea as the product instead.

As the years go by, different firms have sprung up. Some seem to be easy to detect, while others are difficult to detect. That happens because manufacturers keep on upgrading the urine with time.

You can prepare synthetic urine at home

If you recently took a drug such as weed, then your employees can detect it easily. Therefore, to evade the possibility of losing a job, the best solution is to buy fake urine such as quick fix 6.2.

Anyone can prepare it at home. Manufacturers provide a manual, which you have to follow to the latter. If you are not keen, then you may end up with a detectable sample.

Fake urine is not gender-specific

Well, you know, before any drug test, you may be anxious. You have all the reasons to feel that way.

However, you can overcome this feeling because of the confidence that the urine gives you. Synthetic urine is fit for all genders. It does not matter your gender. The only thing you should care for is how best you follow the instructions on the manual.

Fake urine is easy to hide and carry

The good thing about synthetic urine is that it is easy to carry. It is legal to add on to that. Most companies, in fact, use this fake urine for various tests.

Besides that, after you prepare the urine, you can carry it in a pack, which the manufacturer provides. The only trick, however, is to ensure that you hide in an area where the urine can access your body heat directly. Remember, lab technicians may doubt if you offer them urine that is not between 90-99 degrees.


If you use the right methods, you may end up passing the drug test. If you do not, then it is easy to lose your job or an opportunity to get a promotion if you depends on that test solely.ย 

Besides that, you should ensure that you buy from the appropriate manufacturer. Some manufacturers may provide urine that is easy to detect.

The final tip is to ensure that you give it a shake before you hand it over it to the lab technician. A slight shake provides the fizzy look that real urine contains.

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