Testing positive for drug analysis is one of the worst experiences that could ever happen to you. You will have one or more of the several consequences that come with failing a drug test. For instance, you may lose an employment opportunity, get fired, face time in prison, and even the embarrassment. Since drug tests are random, not everyone will have the time to detox and clean their system. As such, some people turn to synthetic urine to work around these tests. A fresh sample is the best and most reliable to use. So ideally, you have to buy your synthetic pee and use it on the same day. Fortunately, most companies offer next-day delivery, which is helpful. However, things can take another turn. For example, the test can get canceled, and you have to store your โ€œfakeโ€ pee. Additionally, you may be stocking up in case of an emergency. Either way, you will need to take care of your synthetic pee to prevent it from going bad.

Like any other product, synthetic urine has a limited shelf life and will last anywhere between a few months to three years. However, the shelf life depends on the product, the manufacturer, and the storage conditions. Nevertheless, there are a few ways you could use to take care of your sample like practicing proper storage. Read on to find three tricks you can use to keep your fake pee fresh.

  1. Storage. You have to store the synthetic urine in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight. Leaving your sample exposed to direct sun rays is a sure way to alter its pH and make it expire quickly. Storing the fake pee in a fridge is the best way to make sure that it does not go bad. You can also go for reputable brands like Quick Fix. Such brands produce qualities that have a long shelf life and are rarely affected by extreme temperatures.
  1. Do not Open Unnecessarily. Fake urine deteriorates once exposed to oxygen. As such, it is wise to break the seal only when you want to use your sample. If you open it for whatever reason, make sure you store it in an airtight container to preserve it for later use.
  1. Do not reheat or re-cool. As discussed earlier, some brands are affected by extremely hot or cold temperatures. Additionally, rapid cycling between the two temperatures can also change your sample. Always keep it at a stable temperature to prevent it from expiring too soon. You can also run a validity test to see whether your pee is good or not.

Facing a drug test unprepared can be a scary experience. Synthetic urine provides a fast, easy, and reliable solution. However, you have to follow the above tips to keep your urine fresh. If the test is supervised, always use a synthetic urine belt to avoid suspicion. The strap fits comfortably around your upper thigh, and it accommodates the heat pads.

You can also consider using this 12-panel drug test cup that will give accurate and quick results so if positive you can consider getting synthetic urine. With same-day shipping and guaranteed results you can buy yours now:ย https://drugtestcity.com/product/12-panel-drug-testing-cup

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