How many times have you come across QR Codes in your day-to-day life? They really are the most convenient way to pass on information right. One Scan and it can be redirected to anywhere, simply anywhere and a person can read anything.

According to a recent survey, it was estimated that close to 11 million households will use QR codes in 2020. Looking at the changing trend, it is time we look at ways in which QR codes can impact your networking.

Letโ€™s know more about QR Codes

QR Codes, otherwise known as Quick Response code is an innovative tool, which looks like a barcode and can be scanned by any barcode scanner application on your smartphone. In the last decade, there has been a rise in the usage of QR Codes, and most of the business houses are taking advantage of it.

Imagine a single click of a button and you can view the recipe to cook the pack of pasta you just bought! Thatโ€™s an amazing customer engagement, right? Or a quick scan of one QR code on your ordered pair of shoesโ€™ box and you can check out the upcoming collection โ€“ simply crazy, right? Thatโ€™s what business houses are toying with the latest way of marketing.

Want to scan a QR Code?

All you need is a smartphone and you are done with exploring all the information, which a QR Code can provide. At most, you may need an application for it. There are some phones, which come with an in-built QR Code Scanner and you can easily scan all QR Codes.

You can also check out some of the applications like a QR Code Reader Application (for iPhones), or Red Laser (for Android and iOS) and you can scan all the QR Codes, you want.

Want to create a QR Code?

Now that you know how to scan a QR Code and why a QR Code is important, you must be excited about creating one for yourself or your business. Hence, the next part is super exciting!

There are tons of applications, which help you to create a QR Code. One of the most amazing applications, which can be used has to be the iCandy application โ€“ one that not only helps you in creating a QR Code but also knows about the analytics behind it. You can find out the views of the QR Code, the day-wise data of scans and you can also check on the effectiveness of the placement.

How will you incorporate it on Your Business Card?

Business cards are undoubtedly an integral part of generating business and networking with people. As you cannot put everything on it, you have to keep it simple, right! So, why not use a QR Code to get things done? Letโ€™s look at some innovative ideas.

  • Link it to your website or blog: The days of writing the Website address and expecting people to look it up on their phone is over. Having a QR Code with a catchy tagline will compel people to scan it. Thatโ€™s your cue to sell your businessโ€™s credibility through the Landing page or blog. You can also have a special innovative website, where people can be redirected to.
  • Give them a reason to sign up to the newsletter: Newsletters are amazing to target potential customers and sell them information. However, your prospects wonโ€™t readily give you their email addresses. Have a QR Code and give an interesting Call to Action and people will load you with their email addresses.
  • Have amazing videos to show the World: Why not market your YouTube videos with QR codes placed strategically on the card? However, the video has to be amazing as the video will sell the business on its own.
  • Compel them to save your Phone number: Most of the business cards are thrown away and the prospects fail to remember you. Create an amazing tagline that just helps you stand away from the crowd โ€“ something like Tired of saving contact cards, scanning the QR code will serve the purpose.
  • Get an increase of followers: You can easily redirect them to an amazing social media profile and they will be tempted to follow it and your social media followers will keep on increasing.

Now, you have a range of ideas and nicer ways to make your digital business card effective. So, what should you do now? Just apply these tips in your daily routine and make things happen with your new-found business card. However, do not forget to test its functionality before processing it forward!

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