Lip fillers are among the most popular options for lip augmentation and shape correction; this non-surgical option is safe and effective and is definitely more affordable than plastic surgeries. The only issue people consider is the product’s longevity, as everyone wants a long-lasting natural improvement. Well, we are here to reassure you that lip fillers last for a significant time, and maintenance treatments are required rarely, not to let the results fade away. Let’s discuss this topic more in the article below!

How Long Does Dermal Lip Filler Last?

Dermal filler injections for lips are among the most popular options for thin lips in the aesthetic medicine sphere due to numerous reasons. Fuller, juicier lips are the icon of feminine appearance, so no wonder so many people are interested in it.

The best way to make lips more sensual is to administer hyaluronic acid filler; many options are available on the market, the most popular ones being Juvederm, Restylane, Stylage, and other brand-name products. After picking the right choice, the procedure is performed quickly and painlessly, mostly because practically all lip dermal fillers contain lidocaine to ensure no discomfort is experienced in the sensitive perioral area.

Buying dermal fillers is only possible if you are a board-certified medical, as using these injectables requires a perfect knowledge of facial anatomy. This way, a safe treatment can be guaranteed to patients.

As we age, collagen and elastin production in the body reduces naturally; thus, we can see lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, and general dullness of the dermis. After the dermal filler treatment with hyaluronic acid, the natural production of essential substances is boosted, so people may notice excellent effectiveness after the first administration session.

Regarding lips, if the procedure is performed correctly, dermal filler longevity may be up to 18 months. Still, specialists recommend having a maintenance treatment every six to eight months to ensure the effect doesn’t fade away and remains as beautiful and natural-looking as after the injection session.

Which Factors Affect the Filler’s Longevity?

Now, let’s answer the question of how long do dermal fillers last and which factors define their durability, as it is a decisive thing for many individuals out there. Here are a few important things regarding facial filler treatments’ durability:

The size of the target zone. All hyaluronic acid fillers should be picked according to the final goal of the injection session, such as lip enhancement or slight shape correction;

HA concentration and cross-linking type. These technologies are typically used for injectable fillers: Hylacross, Vycross, NASHA. Also, the product’s concentration defines how long the effect will last, so denser options are typically picked for facial contouring (such as cheek fillers);

Patient’s body peculiarities. Depending on age, one’s health, skin type, and some other essential factors, the filler’s longevity may vary. These nuances are usually talked over with a medical professional during a consultation to ensure a patient has a clear understanding of the treatment and its post-injection period.

How to See the Effect Faster?

In case you can’t wait till the lip injections’ effect is fully visible, there are some recommendations that can make a recovery faster and help you see the results in no time. So, what are the best aftercare tips and tricks for post-dermal filler treatments?

  • Avoid overheated places to ensure bruising and swelling won’t get worse. We are talking about saunas, hot tubs, solariums, and other areas with excess heat;
  • Stop taking blood-thinning medications two weeks before and after the injection session. This way, the risks of bruising and redness are eliminated;
  • Don’t massage the area of injection, and don’t put any pressure on it in general. It’s crucial to reduce the risk of filler migration, which has a negative impact on the aesthetic procedure’s results;
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages for at least two days. Alcohol has blood-thinning abilities, and so can lead to post-treatment complications;
  • Postpone gym for a few days. When we exercise, our heart race becomes faster, blood vessels become wider, and blood pressure rises. That can cause the filler to move to the neighboring areas, and it won’t be good for the overall cosmetic effect;
  • Don’t visit a dentist for two weeks after the filler administration. When we see the doctor’s office, we have to open our mouths widely, and that can cause product migration. That’s why we highly recommend waiting and having the procedure performed safely in two weeks.

In case adverse reactions don’t disappear after a few days, it’s better to inform a specialist about this issue. This way, it’ll be easier to create a perfect post-treatment plan and ensure a patient is safe and will recover soon.

What if I Don’t Like the Results of the Injectable?

One of the benefits of hyaluronic acid fillers for lips is that their effect is reversible. What does it mean? If a customer doesn’t like the final look after the injection session, a special solution called hyaluronidase can be used to dissolve HA under the skin faster. After a few days, the appearance should get back to the before-the-treatment state, and a person can try other options to boost their looks.

Some people may need more than a few days (up to two weeks) to see the improvement; that’s why it’s better to be in touch with a doctor to ensure the process goes as it should and won’t lead to health complications. Don’t worry, this procedure is safe, and others rarely use hyaluronidase to reverse the effect of the hyaluronic acid-based filler.

To Sum Up

Lip fillers are very popular in the cosmetic beauty sphere due to numerous reasons, the main ones being non-invasiveness and affordability. It’s effective and safe and can last for up to 18 months under the skin; moreover, the results can be supported with maintenance treatments, so the appearance is improved for much longer. Hopefully, we covered all your questions in this article. Thank you for reading!

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