Our bodies are wired to perform daily tasks based on instructions given by the brain. All the activities we do are a command. Whatever that we feed our mind, without a conscience, help create a monotonous lifestyle. We would wake up every day, get on to our usual daily procedure and would simply survive. But is life all about surviving?

Just like a motor that needs its occasional maintenance and cleaning up every now and then, the mind, too, needs a boost every so often to bring back a reason to live. This is not a simple task. Sometimes we need a little help – and it’s always OK to ask for help. A therapist is a great non-biased resource to help with whatever you’re struggling with. BetterHelp is a great option if you’re looking for a healthy therapy session.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This is one of the most sought-after approaches used by many Psychologists in the US to help with a variety of mental and emotional disorders. Introduced in the 70’s, “It’s a problem-focused, action-orientated talking therapy that has proven to be extremely useful in the treatment of depression and anxiety”. Therapists focus on making their patients believe that they can take ownership of their own thoughts. If they can control their thoughts in a positive way, they can do the same with their actions.

Negative thoughts are the culprit of many mental illnesses. Not only can it harm one’s social standard, but it can also keep them from achieving their goals.

How does CBT works

According to research conducted by Psychologists in Kings College London, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy not only helps with the mind, but also affect actual neurological patterns in the brain. Which means, it could actually rewire one’s thinking process. The study included patients who were dealing with Psychosis, which is a mental illness that causes a break of the bridge between reality and dysfunctional thoughts.

Is Psychotherapy the answer?

Psychologists and counselors have known for years that psychotherapy is the answer for many kinds of mental illnesses. However, therapy being a direct solution for physical ailments too, was quite a discovery, as a brain scan was able to display a change in its regular patterns.

Talking to a therapist is the answer for many of your problems. Just forget about the whole neurological behavioral patterns and psychosis. You may be simply going through depression or panic episodes. When this becomes a constant challenge for you to overcome on a daily basis, it indirectly routes your brain to believe that this tragic set of emotions are your life. Well, it’s not, and your therapist can help you come to realize this and help you through it.

Those who are anti-therapy, believe that counseling has no effect on the human body. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy research proves that brain circuits respond to healthy communication, which indirectly sustains a positive mindset if done properly. If the change is for good, then that’s all that matters.

Anyhow, one must always be wise enough to choose an experienced and educated therapist if they are looking to rewire their brain patterns. e-counseling services like Betterhelp help custom-match you to a therapist online, available on your schedule, to help you with whatever you’re struggling with.