To illustrate the title, you will find what kind you witch you are. To know your answer, you must read this and understand your instinct. There are many kinds of witches that you must know about. Next, you have to see your witchcraft ability and skills, depending on your personality. Finally, you have to follow your beliefs.

Different types of witches that you should know about

If you want to know what type of witch I am quiz, you should follow your feeling and internal thought. You will find that witches vary in their different thought and skills, and even ideologies. You need to learn and follow your path by identifying different types of witches.

Witchcraft that decide your witch category

Witchcraft is the type that follows tradition like exercise or the invocation of supernatural powers. Witchcraft is the practice of magic that people do. Witchcraft is the process that is practiced at night to provoke the devil. By doing this process, we learn about the black magic’s performances. 

Traditions matter a lot

Suppose you know about the magic power, then you also know that several traditions perform in various fields. There are some old techniques and steps which perform the ritual. So you need to know about the traditions practiced in the power of the black magic. So if you want to answer what kind of witch I am, you have to understand the rituals.

Focused on your abilities

We have seen that people doing the magic have different skills and abilities to show their power. Whenever you have to analyze your skills, you must differentiate your witch group. If you think you can change the watercolor from any part, you are a sea witch.

You are an identity witch when you realize that you can change the person. You should have many activities to realize more about yourself and find your right path, which tells you about what type of witch you are.

Belief in your magic power

We have seen all the people doing the black magic or another kind of magic that they are also human beings. The human being does all the activity; the specialty is that they have the special powers. People who engaged in the black magic did not believe in God; they only followed their supernatural power and spirits.

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