The digital world has a lot to offer and has certainly kept us occupied now that we have so much access. We can watch, read, and write whatever we want and it’s much easier for people to share their talents online from bloggers to photographers. However, sometimes we just want to kill time doing something fun and social media doesn’t always offer the kind of rest we’re looking for. So, if you have some time to spare and don’t want to spend it scrolling through your social media feed, here are 7 fun activities you can do online to kill time.

1. Take Quizzes

Finding out what celebrity you look like, taking a trivia quiz to test your knowledge on your favorite show, or finding out which Friends character you are is a great way to kill time. There are many websites for trivia quizzes, but Sporcle probably takes the cake when it comes to having the biggest range of quizzes. You can also check out Buzzfeed for some lighthearted fun like finding out what alcoholic beverage you’d be or what your favorite fruit says about you. Either way, online quizzes will keep you busy for hours.

If you are into Harry Potter, check online quizzes like Quizondo’s  Harry Potter House Test.

2. Sightsee with Google

Google street view allows you to do a little touring from the comfort of your home. You can take a look at any place in the world by simply searching for an address. You can virtually visit Italy’s Colosseum or Paris’ Eiffel tower and you’ll kill plenty of time getting to experience these incredible sights. It might even give you some holiday ideas.

3. Play Games

The ultimate time-killer: online games. There are so many fun games you can play online and you don’t need to pay for it. You can sign up for an account on Twitch and play games with other gamers; you can even make money by joining their affiliate program. You can also watch pro gamers stream their games to pass the time. Furthermore, you can go for the card game classics all by yourself since you can get the apps on your phone. The most popular one is of course a little game called Solitaire that seems to be the lead on every technological device since the digital era first began. But you don’t have to stop there if you want the Microsoft gems back in your life, there’s also FreeCell, Spider Solitaire, and Hearts to keep you occupied.

4. Read Stories

Sites like FanFiction have allowed creative people to put their own spin on their favorite shows and movies and test their writing skills; you can even review their work to help them out. If you love reading and have some time to kill, this is a great place to be. You can find an abundance of fictional fan-made stories both long and short, and spend an hour or two in an alternate universe. So, if your favorite couple weren’t endgame on your favorite teen drama, don’t worry. They’re probably together in the world of FanFiction.

5. Create Memes

Exercise your funny bone making your own memes. This will definitely keep you entertained and make your loved ones laugh. If you’re really good, you can end up creating an account dedicated to your talents and become the next Grumpy Cat.

6. Learn New Recipes

There’s something so relaxing about watching those sped-up cooking videos that are only 3 to 7 minutes long. Not only do you learn basic tips and tricks to make fast, easy, and delicious meals, but you’ll also get some incredible recipe ideas for dinner tonight.

7. Take Surveys

If you’ve got some time to spare, why not sign up for surveys. Taking surveys online is simple, fun, and easy to do and you may be helping businesses gather market research. You can survey anything you like from fast food surveys to giving product feedback. You can even get paid to take surveys. Moreover, some sites like SurveyMonkey offer rewards such as donating 50$ to the respondent’s charity of choice.

No matter what type of hobbies you’re interested in, there’s some variation of it online for you to sink your teeth into. So, if you’ve got time to spare you can consider learning a new recipe, taking a survey, having fun with some quizzes, playing your favorite games, reading some FanFiction, or writing some funny one-liners for memes. Moreover, all you history buffs out there can travel and explore the sights from wherever you are right now. So, when you find yourself wanting to kill time, refer back to this guide for all the fun things you can do with that smartphone in your pocket.

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