Amazon’s algorithm is very different from Google’s when it comes to SEO . Amazon’s algorithm is much more straightforward and can be easily explained, whereas Google’s can be quite complex. But, like Google, you can optimize your products on Amazon for SEO, and we will explain how you can do that in this article. Having your listings appear favorably in Amazon’s search results can be achieved through a few simple steps. With Google’s algorithm, you can sink time and money into ranking high, yet with Amazon, you can do it virtually for free and can do it yourself or with the help of SEO programs.

In this article, you will find out everything that you need to know about Amazon’s search algorithm, including how it works, what you need to consider before getting started with SEO, and how you can make yourself more visible on the platform to buyers.

Here is how Amazon’s search algorithm works.

Amazon’s Search Algorithm

Amazon is a buying platform, while Google is a search engine. Amazon’s primary purpose is to cater to the needs of consumers. Because of this, only sellers who are clear and precise in their listings and only relevant sellers will rank high. Amazon’s algorithm works to find relevant and trustworthy information for its customers. Amazon’s algorithm is the namesake of the company that designed it: A9. It is built around consumers and hopes to offer them the best shopping experience possible.

Third-Party Platforms

Before moving onto the main body of our text and answering our titular question, let us first discuss the benefits of third-party ranking platforms. These platforms have been designed to aid sellers in having their products rank high on Amazon’s algorithm.

According to the SEO experts of, they are particularly relevant now, for sellers are in a constant game of cat and mouse, trying to keep ahead of Amazon’s algorithm. These platforms can help you to stay ahead of the game and can help you to continue ranking high and staying relevant. Relevance, as you will see, is a very important part of ranking on Amazon’s algorithm.

Key Factors in Amazon’s Rankings

Ranking high on Amazon is not as difficult as you may have thought it was. In fact, it is straightforward. While with Google, there are many factors that can increase your visibility to consumers, with Amazon, there are two:

  • A seller’s relevance;
  • A seller’s performance.

When optimizing one’s Amazon page for SEO, one must optimize for both relevance and performance, for it will yield the most success. Relevance and performance are very extensive, vast subjects, however, which require their own respective titles and paragraphs so that we can thoroughly explain to you how they work. Here is how they work:


Product Title

The first thing you must do to make your page relevant is to update and keep your product’s title relevant. For your title, you will want to keep it as relevant to your product as possible. Tell consumers what your product is, what color it is, its brand name, measurements, and even colour. All of this in your product’s name will help it to appear relevant to Amazon’s search listings. However, you must not overload your title, for then you will wind up ranking low on Amazon’s algorithm for they have a system to eliminate spam titles.

Selling Name

The name of your Amazon account also has bearing on your ranking in the search listing. A study performed by a team of marketers revealed that if your seller name has a keyword pertinent to the products that you sell on your page, you will rank higher in Amazon’s algorithm than if you didn’t. Your selling name should be clear, concise, and to the point, and you must not make the mistake that some Amazon sellers do and make your name muddled and quirky. Keep to the point and include a keyword if you can.


Product Pricing

The price of your product will have bearing on your performance, and therefore, how you rank in Amazon’s search listing. You need to price your product effectively, to undercut the competition, but not by too much. Price your product lower than market rivals, but not so low that your profits are affected. Strategic pricing is a fantastic way for you to rank high on Amazon’s algorithm and is a great way to get good reviews [which also have a significant bearing on your performance]. Sell as low as you can afford.

With the help of this page, you now know a few things about Amazon’s search algorithm that you may not have known before. Cracking Amazon’s algorithm is quite easy providing you do the relevant research. We hope this page has shown you how you too, can crack Amazon’s algorithm.

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