With the growing number of online shoppers, eCommerce retailers are looking for better ways to improve deliveries. The retail delivery industry is focusing on smart locker technologies to enhance the volume of parcel deliveries without overdoing their operational costs. 

Automated parcel lockers help to bring suitability in the final phase of the shipping process. Here’s how these digital lockers can improve last-mile delivery solutions.

Improves Ease and Accessibility

A consumer trend study shows that nearly 80% of online shoppers prefer picking their parcels according to their convenience. With increasing volumes of parcels globally, retailers also need help to manage deliveries efficiently. It includes innovative ways of transforming retail delivery processes through automated lockers. 

In this technology, customers can use a QR code or one-time PIN to open the locker door and retrieve their parcel. It is not only convenient for delivery but also for returns as the customers can place the return label on the package and place the parcel after scanning this label at the locker station. 

This way, customers also have more control over the receipt of their packages instead of waiting for deliveries or the risk of losing their parcel in the process. 

Reduces the Risk of Package Theft

Packages or parcels stolen from mailboxes or front porches are a cause of worry for the retail industry. Although some homeowners use video surveillance cameras to keep an eye on porch pirates, the system cannot prevent thievery. 

Here, automated parcel lockers can reduce the risk of parcel theft and give you the peace of mind about safe delivery. They not only ward off the thieves but also ensure the delivery to the right person only. Authorized personnel have access to these lockers through special access codes that are sent through a notification to the recipient. 

Allows Customization of Lockers

With automated locker systems, you can extend your brand through customized designs and colors. Incorporate your logo into the lockers and help the customers to identify your locker station quickly. It will help to strengthen your brand and improve efficiency in the system. Automated lockers also allow configuration of parcel locker stations with different sizes for all types of orders or packages. 

Controls the Costs of Shipping

Nearly 82% of online buyers globally find shipping costs too high. Since the logistics and shipping companies are increasing their prices every year, retailers need cost-effective last-mile delivery solutions. That’s where parcel locker systems prove useful. 

Instead of spending money on small shipments to every buyer, eCommerce retailers use their transportation resources to send the packages to an onsite parcel locker station. Customers can pick their packages directly from the site without waiting for the mailman. 

Allows Flexibility and Control

Once the packages are available for collection at a locker station, retailers can send an instant notification to the customer. Accordingly, customers can collect their packages depending on their convenience. It brings flexibility in the process of package delivery as retailers can also define the time limit for availability of parcel according to the customer requirements. 

When traditional parcel delivery systems have become burdensome due to higher costs and inefficiencies, automated lockers are a better solution for last-mile delivery.

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