All software used by a business must be robustly tested so as not to cause unnecessary interruption to its systems. This will save a business time and money and ensure that staff will not become frustrated by computer problems occurring at the busiest of times.

So, what is out there?

Canary Deployment

A revolution in software testing is known as canary deployment. Put simply, this method will help reduce the risks a new update might cause. It employs a testing system that will initially not involve users, then just a few of them, before being fully implemented.

The idea is about gradually introducing features to users rather than bombarding them with lots of new technology and it causing problems to their working practices. It can be seen as making training easier as much as avoiding computer glitches.

The fact that canary deployment is platform-independent is also a bonus.

Advantages of Testing Software First

Many businesses will be nervous about introducing software to their business for fear of its impact. I mean, why change something that seems to be working? The fact is, though, we need to keep up to date with technology or risk not keeping up with our competitors and losing customers as a result.

Software testing can be seen as a way of embracing new technology without encountering lots of problems with its implantation.

Likely Problems Without Sufficient Advance Testing of Software

The worst scenario that a company may face when software is not properly tested is that it crashes. This can mean a loss of business hours and therefore cost businesses money as a result. So, the investment in proper software testing is well worth it.

Reputations of software companies can be won and lost because of software that runs into problems. Word can quickly spread online that a certain piece of software is problematic and has cost a business more money than it has saved.

Thinking of Staff

Staff retention is all about thinking of their needs as much as those of the business. Employees are, after all, its most valuable asset, given that training someone new is expensive. It is easier to teach an existing member of staff an extra procedure than to start from scratch completely. An inefficiently working computer system can be the bugbear of many an employee. This can be avoided by having properly tested software before it reaches the majority of staff. Some may well have been involved in its testing process and relish that involvement, others will simply want a computer system that makes their job as easy as possible. Anything that slows someone down because of its inefficiency can be a source of frustration.

In summary, a business will engage its workers more when it adopts software that has been tested sufficiently to be purposeful and effective in its use. There is no doubt that more businesses are more likely to get on board with new software releases when they know that processes are in place to ensure the testing of software takes place at every level. The last thing that a business will want is to have downtime within its company because of a computer system that has failed. This will most likely be down to software with bugs in it or one that is not compatible with the software that it already has.

A thorough testing process is necessary to ensure no conflicts and that crashes are less likely to happen. It is for computer programmers to ensure that business interruption is kept to a minimum where possible. Businesses can be comforted in the knowledge that software such as canary deployment exists with them in mind and for their convenience.

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