In this day and age, there are many businesses that are being established.ย  This has caused the demand for storage facilities to go up. In fact, many businesses continue to experience stagnation because they donโ€™t have extra space for storing their inventory in their main office space. The desperation has pushed most of them to opt for make-shift storage facilities within their premises or hire out a storage space nearby. Although such creativity offers temporary solutions, it usually comes with an equal measure of shortcomings. This is because it creates loopholes that can cause the security of business documents and inventory to be compromised. Fortunately, there are entrepreneurs that offer storage solutions service to businesses. Continue reading below and learn why a storage unit can help your enterprise save money and time.

ย 1. Less Expensive

Renting an office space is much more expensive than getting storage units via Safe Store Containers. In fact, it can give you a run for your money, especially if they are located in a prime area. The other problem is that they will still charge you an arm and a leg even if you only need little space. This means that you will be paying a high price for underutilized storage. But when you opt for a storage unit, you will only need to part away with little money. The other advantage is that they will allocate you a customized unit thatโ€™s ideal for storing your things.

ย 2. Convenience

 Retrieving inventory from a workplace storage is usually cumbersome. In fact, it can take ages to get a single item. The delay in timely retrieval is normally caused by congestion and disorganization of the store. The other problem is that such a store can only be accessed during normal working hours. This means that you canโ€™t get an item that you need urgently at odd hours. A rental storage unit on the other hand gives you the convenience of getting things whenever you need them without being limited by time. Besides that, inventory tends to be retrieved much faster due to high degree of organization.

ย 3. Round the Clock Security

 In a situation where you depend on local storage space, the security of your things can only be guaranteed during the day. When your employees retire to their homes at the end of the day, your inventory is left unmanned, making it vulnerable to theft. Opting for storage unit therefore offers peace of mind because the facilities are guarded by on site staff 24/7. In addition to that, they usually have surveillance cameras that monitors every inch of the facility.

4. Easy to Control Access to Store

The problem of having in-house storage is that it can be accessed by almost every member of your staff. Since the entry is hardly documented, itโ€™s difficult to tell how an item went missing. With a storage unit, itโ€™s only a trusted employee that gets the key to the facility. And thatโ€™s not all. Everything that goes either in or out of the store is documented thanks to the surveillance cameras. The other advantage is that your inventory and documents are protected against fire. This is because most commercial storage units are usually fire proofed to ensure they canโ€™t be damaged by the flames.

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