There are numerous great app ideas out there. The key to making your app successful is to find the drive to get it started. Now, you may have a great idea, and the knowledge to make that idea happen, but having the confidence and the drive to start a startup in order to see it come to fruition can be difficult. Luckily, there are many ways to get this done.

How to Develop a Mobile App

Once you have your idea, and you know that it will work, you need to take your ideas and run with it. Listed here are several steps to take when it comes to creating a startup around a mobile app idea:

Legitimize Your Idea

One of the first things to do when wanting to start a startup around an app idea is to validate your idea. First, you will want to take your idea and really test it out before bringing it to full fruition. You can do this by making a list of all of your ideas and see which ones seem the most likely to pursue. The pros over at recommend taking your best ideas or your best idea and see how it fares against the experts. This is a great way to see if your idea is valid enough to go further. There are numerous ways to legitimize your ideas. One way is to attend a discovery workshop. These are product workshops that are designed around allowing experts to weigh in on your ideas and to see if it could work.

Market Research

Next, once you have your app validated by a bunch of experts in the field and you have fine-tuned any new ideas to add to it, then youโ€™ll want to jump over to the market research stage of the game. This includes the understanding of who your market is. The reason that market research is so important is that you need to test it in the market, establish your target market, and then know who you are marketing this product towards. This is also important in order to understand and test if you have room in the market that you are seeking with the product in hand. You can do this in a plethora of ways, such as researching similar apps or other apps within your targeted market. You can also look into the apps in the market that failed and research why they failed.

Find Your Platform

After determining that you have a place in your market and that you feel confident that you wonโ€™t fail, youโ€™ll want to research your platform. When creating an app, you want to consider whether your platform is to work with android users, IOS users, or both platforms. This can take another round of research as to which platform is best for you. This can involve extensive research into the number of apps that each platform allows and the performance of newer apps on each platform as well.


After you have your platform or platforms, then you want to start paying attention to the design of your app. You need to create the perfect design that is usable. You also want to find the right ideal design that is also flawless and easy to use. There are standards that youโ€™ll need to follow. You will need to follow the standards that are designated by either Google or Apple, pending on which platform you chose (or both).

Develop Your Product

Your next step is to actually make your app. This requires more than what you can handle on your own and this is where more of your startup comes into line. Youโ€™ll need an entire app development team to assist with this step and can hire a company to help. The options for your team include hiring in-house help or you can outsource and work remotely with your team.

Raise Money

Now, you need to make sure that you have investors under your belt. It is time to find that money. Having a solid presentation and videos showing how your app works are ideal. Make sure that your product is ready for this part of the process as it is vital to find the right investors.

Once you have investors and your completed app, then you can complete a marketing plan and launch your app. Youโ€™ll need to have plans in place that will allow you to update your app as often as you fix any glitches or make improvements on it as you go.

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