Workplace injuries are more common than you think. Workplace injuries are not limited to contractor or construction site jobs. Studies show that injuries at the workplace occur every 10 seconds in the United States. Due to the common occurrence of injuries at work, employers are expected to provide an insurance cover for all their employees. Should you find yourself in a workplace-related injury, here is what you should do.

Inform Your Employer About The Injury

Ensure to inform your employer about your injury as soon as it happens. Include details of how the accident happened and include these details in the written report. A written record of informing your employer and the injuries will protect you and act as proof should the matter be in court. Going by the sentiments of the personal injury attorneys at, you should not underestimate the injury and wait to see if the pain goes away on its own. Despite the magnitude of the injury, it should be reported for future claims that may arise. The employer should also provide you with an accident claim form for you to fill. When filling the accident claim form, be sure to include as many details as possible and keep copies for yourself.

Make Your Colleagues Aware Of Your Accident

If the accident happened when working alone, make sure that your colleagues know that the accident took place. Even in cases when the accident occurs in the presence of other workers, make sure they understand the magnitude of your accident. Making your accident known by your colleagues will ensure there are witnesses should you opt to claim in the future. These colleagues will also make sure the insurance companies or your employer do not downplay your injuries or deny any. This kind of information is vital in the process of compensation.

Seek Medical Attention

When accidents occur at the workplace, your health should come first. Ensure that you see a doctor and see any specialists as soon as possible. Keep all the medical records, as these will play a massive role in any compensation claims. Please pay attention to instructions given to you by the doctors, as they will affect your recovery. If the doctor advises against working for a while or heavy lifting, ensure you follow that to the letter. Your insurance claim will need your medical report, so you need to keep it safe and make copies.

Document Your Injuries

This can be done by taking pictures at the scene of the accident. Youโ€™ll need all the proof that you can get when filing a personal injury claim. This should not be hard given that you have a smartphone with you. It can be tough remembering this as you might be in great pain. If you have been following all the safety measures laid down, then itโ€™s not any of your faults for having sustained such injuries while on the job. If you get to the hospital, ensure that all of your medical records are kept to act as evidence in your case.

Contact Your Lawyer

As soon as you can, ensure that you involve your lawyer. For instance, involving a lawyer in an accident claim will ensure that you do not miss out on important deadlines. It is important to note that the company lawyer might not have your interests at heart. So, it is crucial to hire a personal lawyer to work on your behalf. Beware of signing any documents without legal representation. below are key factors to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney:

  • Ensure that they are experienced
  • Consider reading customer testimonials and reviews from their website
  • They should be accessible
  • Check if they charge on a contingency fee basis for any personal injury related cases

File A Compensation Claim

Compensation claims are subject to strict deadlines. To avoid missing your compensation, ensure you consult your lawyer and do so on time. You are entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, among others. Thereโ€™s a lot that goes into filing a workersโ€™ compensation claim. First and foremost, you must prove that the injuries sustained occurred at your place of work. Secondly, you must have the right documentation, especially a doctorโ€™s report. These are but some of the ways to help you when filing for a workersโ€™ compensation claim.

If you follow the above tips after suffering an accident at work, then itโ€™s highly likely that your interests will be taken care of. you are not alone in this. ensure that you have a supporting team; that of friends, family, and a capable personal injury attorney.

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