Many of us take pictures or download images every day now. Most of them are just stored in our devices until they are deleted.

The format of an image is important if you want to use it. Most images are in .jpg format. However, if you need to use the image in other ways, you might have to change the format of the image to pdf.

The way you do that will depend on the tools at your disposal. There are several ways you can use to do that including:

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

To use Adobe to convert images into pdf, you will have to use the Pro version. You absolutely cannot do it using the free version.

Follow these steps to convert the image:

  1. Select ‘File’
  2. Select ‘Open’ and then proceed to your file location and select it. You will not be able to select any pdf files as they will be clearly labeled
  3. Go to the ‘Open’ dialog box and select the image that you would like to convert
  4. If it is a TIFF file, you can convert the image by simply saving it as a PDF. The same goes for any other image format
  5. You can also select ‘File’ then ‘Save as other’ and finally select ‘Optimize PDF.’ You will be presented with modifications options for the file and can convert it to a pdf.

Using an PDF converter

If you are unable to acquire Acrobat Pro, you can use online tools to convert your image into a pdf file. There are online pdf converters for various types of image file formats such as .png and .jpg or .jpeg.

The best part about using an online pdf converter is that they are free. A good example is a site where you can convert jpg to pdf. Other sites might have choices for different types of image file formats.

An online PDF converter will require you to upload the file meaning that there is a possibility that it can be compromised. Therefore, ensure to take the necessary security precautions if needed.

Using a Computer

There are ways to convert an image file into a pdf file by taking advantage of your computer’s print command. The process is similar but slightly differentiated between Windows and Apple computers.

It involves a really simple trick. You simply open your computer and then search or open the folder containing the file that you would like to convert.

You then right click your mouse and then choose to print the file. You will be presented with a print preview. The preview will contain the print settings you would like to change.

Select to save the file as a pdf file and it will be automatically converted. You will then go to the file’s location and confirm the change in format. 

Changing an image into a pdf file is a simple job if you know what you are doing. The above are basic ways that anyone can use to change their image into a pdf. You are guaranteed to find a working option among the three choices.

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