Online courses are fast becoming a staple in people’s lives, whether that’s through work, for pleasure, or for higher education. Because of this, it is important that the marketing of courses is not only up to date, but is thought about very differently to the marketing of courses that would be delivered in person.

There is more leeway when it comes to online courses and marketing, as there are many tools that can help showcase actual parts of a course, in an innovative way that can reach wider audiences. Moreover, online tools enable marketers to accurately target prospective students.

Here are some helpful tips for marketers of online courses.

Why Is the Marketing of Online Courses Different? 

One of the main reasons online courses vary greatly to in-person courses is that for online courses, the location is irrelevant. People no longer have to uproot their lives or traipse to the library. Online courses can be taken from anywhere in the world, and another benefit of that is that the resources can be accessed from anywhere at any time too.

Another excellent benefit when it comes to online courses is that content can be added or updated as and when to make sure learners get an up-to-date and seamless experience.

Anyone interested in pursuing an online course will likely have a lot of questions as the delivery of courses is continually evolving, such as what does going remote mean for online higher education? There is a vast array of ways going remote has changed online higher education, including the ways listed below. 

1. Create and deepen engagement on Social Media 

For those who are considering an online course, it is fair to assume that they may be fairly involved with the online world already. Because of this, talking about the course, what it involves and some snippets or teasers of what is to come can really make a course shine through on social media.

Social media is the perfect platform to get people interested in a course early on and keep them invested as more information is revealed.

2. Start a Podcast

Talking about an online course through a podcast not only gives a voice to the course but is an excellent way to get those who are thinking about the course excited.

Since podcasts have increased in popularity this year, this is a great platform to tap into, and a perfect opportunity to give off a passionate vibe for the course.

3. Run a Weekly Webinar

Running a weekly webinar to connect with potential students is a great way to not only express enthusiasm about the course but also answer any questions or concerns prospective students might have. It also provides a platform to show how your course’s tutors go above and beyond to help their students. It also provides opportunities for lecturers and grad schools to reflect on what went right and what can be improved, and can result in valuable direct feedback.

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