Today 27th September 2017 marks the 19th anniversary of the Google and let us see why we should all celebrate and thank and wish Google for all these amazing years and the many more amazing years to come.

Just think of a world without GOOGLE? No way!

โ€œWhat would the world be like without Google? Can you even imagine a world without Google?โ€

Google has become a need and itโ€™s something that you cannot live without in the 21st century where the internet presence is very high. Google has also become an everyday need to facilitate peopleโ€™s day to day life activities, school work or office work. Google has been serving the entire world through its advanced technologies over the years and life would not have been this easy without Google for sure.

โ€œOh wait, how many times we use Google a day? Come On, No life without Google, I would Say.โ€

GOOGLE you are the Genius

Google has a long established history and is one of the most diversified companies in the world. The brand value of the Google is at the top and Google is one of the most recognized brands in the world according to the latest reports. Google has been updating its technologies and product range throughout its operations and is the best and One and Only search engine that is able to provide the customer expected service levels. Simple there are no substitutes for Google. The extraordinary services provided by the Google is just Amazing.

Google has helped people in many ways. Some of them include enabling the people to surf the internet, providing information and informative content, providing a platform for business creation, providing value-added services, providing marketing and promotions related assistance for businesses, educating people, providing assistance, helping in the communications and information dissemination process etc.

Google is Google and is irreplaceable!

Google is irreplaceable. There are no alternatives for Google in simple. Google provides a wide range of products such as the Google Translate, Google Scholar, Gmail, Google Drive the backup and Cloud services, Google plus Social Media Platform, Hangouts the real-time online Chats, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Calendar services, Google Blogging Services, Google Student and Teacher Services, Google App Services and many more. As you can see, Google is irreplaceable and Google places a unique and distinctive position within the digital and technological arena in the world.

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