Environmental consciousness is vital for businesses to practice. Doing so will set an example for consumers and other companies in their industry. Letโ€™s look at eight ways for your business to practice environmental consciousness.

Use ESG data management

Use ESG data management to help you to align with customersโ€™ desires and ethical backgrounds. ESG standings for Environmental, Social, and Governance.

The environmental portion evaluates how green your company is, while the social aspect shows how you treat your employees, suppliers, and customers to align with company culture. The governance portion reassures that executives are paid fairly without bribery.

Offer an environmentally-friendly business strategy

An environmentally-friendly business strategy will build customer loyalty because your company is taking measures to engage in eco-friendly endeavors. One study found that 58% of participants like to buy environmentally-friendly products to participate in the environmental protection movement.

Discover alternative ways to package the product so it will produce less waste when consumers unbox it for use. Rather than plastic packaging, utilize cardboard so you can easily recycle it. Create a product with less carbon gas emissions. If possible, have workers hand-make the product instead of mass-producing it in a factory.

Reward customers for being green

Reward your customers for being green. Offer paper bags and reusable bags instead of plastic bags. Run a constant promotion where you reward customers 5% off their order (or another reward of your choice) if they bring in a paper or reusable bag when they visit.

Have your customers contribute to the green movement

DIY tutorials are all over the Internet showing crafts how to create a bag from a T-shirt. Run a clothing drive where customers donate gently used T-shirts for a couple of weeks. Give those who donate a 5% to 10% off coupon as a thank you.

Launder the shirts and make reusable bags out of them. Sell them for $1 to $3. Place your logo on the bags for branding awareness. You can save money making reusable bags for a while instead of purchasing them from a third party.

Clean up your community

Foster a family environment amongst your employees and management team. Come together to spruce up a local park, beach, or another open venue at least once a quarter to show your community that you all value environmental protection and awareness.

Enhance employee productivity

Enforce productivity protocol amongst your employees. Helping employees reduce distractions to focus on one task at a time will lower the carbon emissions that employees output from using technology at work.

Increase productivity protocol by:

  • Designating specific times for employees to take their breaks.
  • Ask employees to turn off and put cell phones in their lockers during their shifts.
  • Block specific websites from being browsed on company desktops and laptops.

Increase energy efficiency

Energy efficiency measures can help your business be more environmentally-conscious. Switch from incandescent bulbs to LED lamps to use 90% less energy.

Install lights that time out when someone is not in the room. Have everyone turn off their electronic devices during work breaks and at the end of the work day.

Donate equipment and get a tax deduction

Rather than throw out old equipment, donate it. If it is in working condition, it can serve its purpose to another owner and not end up in a landfill that will only add to the worldโ€™s waste. Plus, you can get a tax deduction for donating your gently used items to local organizations.

Wrap up

Consider the eight ways above for your business to be more environmentally conscious. What changes can you make to facilitate this movement in your business?

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