No chemical is more important than a human being or any animal. Chemical surround us, they are being with all our surroundings and we also doing very similar with them. As workers and consumers, to live free from any illnesses caused by the use of dangerous chemicals is one of our rights in living in a healthy world. Chemicals may make easy our work and do more, and too the people who promote chemicals may say it can be easily controlled and use safely. But when the control get failed or does not get protected enough it is people in surrounding have to pay with their health. Not only health, but also the whole eco system also can get down by this treat as well.

Though in the last 50 years have seen the introduction of many new chemicals, since the growing interest of preventing environment the scientists review the benefits of non-chemical treatment methods specially in water applications as it goes decay day by day. In present, there are apparatus to treat liquid by providing a wave energy source and creating a thin film of the liquid whirling around the wave energy source such that one or more wave energy irradiate the liquid. Such methods also enable the recovery and reuse of valuable raw materials as well as โ€œusedโ€ water. The ability to recycle these products save industry money in terms of materials and time a swell making the process sustainable. On the same time while comparing with the biological methods, wave treatments are much efficient as it is easy in maintenance and fast in action.

By the present Non-Chemical water treatment technologies include applications of; 

  • Electric field
  • Magnetic field
  • Electro-magnetic field
  • Ultra violet waves
  • Ozone generations
  • Osmosis methods
  • Ultra-low frequency waves
  • Pulse mechanical shock waves
  • Ionization etc. in individually or as synergistic combinations. 

They are all designed to replace all or some conventional chemicals used to treat water circulated through industrial boilers, chiller condensers, cooling towers, ballast water treatment systems, bio fouling inhabitation requirements, emission controlling and corrosion protection etc.

In many markets, there is a trend away from conventional chemical treatments. We can see that the motivation to adopt such greener technologies are meeting the environmental standards and bring a potential for improving process economics.

In addition of completing recycling of water, these techniques can be promoted in controlling scaling the apparatus corrosion and other biological problems without adding any drop of chemicals. While scoring green points effectively, these projects are bringing capability of enhancing and uplifting corporate public image and help to realize the corporate social responsibility. Not only conserve the environment these techniques saves huge water bills and consumable chemical cost and energy saving.

As water is one of the most precious gifts by nature that human has been received, life would not be possible on earth without water. Though, three-fourth of earth is covered by water, people are suffering from water scarcity all over the world. Therefore, it is a must to make water in a sustainable usage preventing this valuable treasure trove to the next generation too.

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