When it comes to music streaming platforms that are both free and have many features, Spotify is at the top of the list. Spotify is a simple music player that allows you to listen to whatever you want. Spotify’s platform is large and open to the public, allowing anyone to listen to millions of music. Previously, users could not download the program directly from app stores or play stores; instead, they had first to download a VPN and then get the software through that.

Spotify is where you’ll uncover the internet’s most underappreciated and underground artists. We can listen to demos and eps, discuss discographies, and it’s all available on Spotify through the app. However, if you are an artist, you must ensure that you have a certain number of followers to become famous on the app, and this is what you will require.

6 Tips To Increase Spotify Followers

It’s almost crucial to have a platform-specific approach for getting your music heard these days if you want to see success as an artist. The unique approach to ensure consistent Spotify streams is to buy Spotify plays. This will aid you in successfully getting Spotify plays, as followers are the sole reliable source of streaming numbers. So, with that in mind, here are some helpful suggestions for gaining more Spotify followers.

1. Advertise It To Your Network

Aim to get your playlist famous among Spotify users in the same manner that social media users build their followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Using essential promotional tools like sponsored posts to reach out to your social media network is a quick method. You may also promote your playlist. Request that it be shuffled in your local venues, bars, independent shops, and cafes.

2. Add The Spotify “Follow” Widget To Your Website

Spotify has a friendly follow widget that you can include on your website, similar to the Facebook “like” feature. Make sure to include the widget on any page of your website that has music. Include the follow widget on your site’s most popular pages if you know what they are. Learn how to integrate a Spotify follow widget into your website.

3. Create Playlists

Make playlists based on a theme in which you can incorporate your tunes. Use social media to promote this playlist, as well as your Spotify profile. You don’t want to fill it with all of your songs; instead, you want it to be a decent blend that suits the topic. Share these playlists on social media, and even hire a passionate article writer to write about the other musicians you’ve included. The goal is to persuade others to like and share your playlists, which will expose you to new audiences and, maybe, gain you some followers.

4. Always Aim At Getting “Real” Spotify Followers

There are a plethora of Spotify promotion services available that promise the moon and back in terms of increasing your Spotify followers. However, they usually go about it in a dubious manner. That is to say, Spotify has established new rules requiring removing all “fake” followers. By all accounts, this means that the hard-earned money you spent on this Spotify promotion service has vanished into thin air.

5. Get In Touch With Other Playlist-Makers

Building a network with the music creators in your extended community is one of the finest strategies to increase the popularity of your playlist. Take note of the bands and artists you do shows with, as well as other bands and artists who share your label, and get in touch with them. This will allow you to cross-promote another’s work and provide your fans with something they might enjoy because it comes from a similar artist community.

6. Constantly Update Your Spotify Playlist

Maintain the freshness of your Spotify playlist. Change the order of the songs on your playlist. It should be updated at least once a month. Along the same lines, try not to include too much music from the same artist in your Spotify playlist, as this may cause your Spotify playlist to be penalized in search results. So, keep it tight and be careful with your playlist. An excellent range is between 50 and 200 songs. Be truthful to yourself.

It’s tempting to be more concerned with streaming numbers than with following. However, while Spotify streams are incredible statistically, followers are a far more critical indicator for real-world payback. Followers are real-life fans of you and your music, and they ensure steady streaming numbers. You may be sure of fantastic streaming if you use the recommendations mentioned above and listen to good music.

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