Every business, from the smoothie shop on the corner to the Fortune 500 company downtown, has the same goal: to make a profit and grow its business.

Too often, businesses focus on bringing in more customers and profit as the ultimate way of growing their businesses and making more money. Often, people overlook how they can cut down on expenses as a way to increase their bottom line.

Some ideas are quite simple, such as cutting down on needless benefits, but others may surprise you, such as using virtual printer software.

Below are a number of ways in which your office can start saving money.

Go Green

More businesses are choosing to adopt green practices. Not only are they great for the environment, but they can also help save your business money.

Installing a smart thermostat or some smart light bulbs is going to make sure your office is as efficient as possible. You’ll be lowering your electric and utilities bill with every passing month, helping save money over your fiscal year.

You can also recycle old products which are going to cut down on your overall expenses significantly.

Buy in Bulk

Many times, people wait until they need something to go out and buy it. Have you run out of pens? Run down to the closest office supplies store and pick some up.

While there’s nothing wrong with doing that from time to time, the worst thing you can do is to make that a consistent thing. Instead, buy your office supplies in bulk.

That’s going to cut back on your overall expenses while also making sure that your office is consistently well-stocked with all the office supplies that you need.


Outsourcing is becoming more popular with each passing year, as around one-third of small businesses outsource some kind of business function each year.

If you’re a small business, there’s no point in paying non-essential workers to work for you full-time. Many businesses outsource marketing, writing, HR, IT, and more. It’s a way to have someone available for you but without having to pay for their full-time role.

Use a Virtual Printer

Every business has a printer it uses. Whether it’s to print out the schedule or invoices, the chances are that you’re going to be hearing that whirring of the printer at least a few times a day.

Printing can also be incredibly wasteful, with the average employee using over 10,000 sheets of paper a year. By implementing virtual printer software, you’ll be able to better choose which documents are important and should be printed right away. It’s also a way to save print-ready documents instead of having to constantly send them to the printer. 

Your business will be saving physical space by not having so many printers, paper costs, and electric costs over time.


Negotiation is a pillar of business around the world. This is not only for deals between businesses but everything else involved with the business. Are you looking for a new office space? You can negotiate the terms of the rental contract. Do you have to buy paper supplies from a local paper supplier? You can negotiate that as well.

For some, negotiating isn’t the most enjoyable or comfortable thing in the world, and so it may take some getting used to. But negotiating is an effective way to save your business some money.

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