There are a number of aspects that go into planning a successful online marketing campaign, with SEO and lead generation tactics being among the most important ones. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing web pages in order to boost their rankings on search engine results pages, while lead generation represents the practice of fostering an interest in your business in an effort to expand your customer base.

As SEO focuses on website traffic, while lead generation focuses on potential customers, combining the two can be a brilliant way to grow your business, and here are some of the best SEO-based lead generation strategies you could utilize today:

Optimize your homepage

Optimizing your website is one of the most effective SEO techniques you could utilize in order to grow your business. And for most companies, their homepage will often receive the highest number of visits, which is especially true if you’ve been promoting your website through search engines, social media platforms, referral sites, or other sources. For that reason, reviewing and modifying your homepage messaging might be a great first step.

For instance, lead generation can significantly be increased with a simple homepage call to action that includes other elements like images, headlines, and subtitles. If you want your audience to see your best content as soon as they arrive on your website, adding aspects such as latest posts lists, sticky posts, or must-read sections to your homepage can all be great for lead generation.

Research relevant keywords

A key element of SEO is having your website appear for relevant keywords in search engine results pages (SERP), which is why performing keyword research is the only way to plan a good SEO strategy. This involves finding the most common terms and phrases potential customers use when searching for information on products and services you provide, in an effort to generate leads, increase traffic on your website, and even increase your revenue.

But instead of using abstract terminology or simply assuming your target audience would search for phrases like ‘UK clothing shops’, your goal should be to identify the main keywords that are relevant to your business and then create a list of related queries and terms according to the most applicable keywords.

Utilize local SEO strategies

While your website provides worldwide visibility to your business, local SEO gives you the opportunity to rank higher in the specific area where your company operates. And considering the fact that most online users often search for brands, products, and services in their vicinity, investing in local SEO will allow you to generate more localized traffic, and help your business grow.

For example, if your company is located in a competitive market like Australia, working with an accomplished Sydney SEO agency might be the best way to expand your business. Using imaginative content strategies and ethical SEO practices, such experts will help your site climb to the top of local search engine results pages, providing the best and most efficient long-term results for your business.

Improve your website’s speed

Even though this aspect can easily be overlooked, increasing the speed of your website is another great marketing idea to consider. Website speeds can often influence search engine rankings, especially when it comes to Google and its goal to provide the best user experience possible. To that end, it might be a good idea to increase your website’s speed in order to improve your Google rankings.

Apart from using a reliable web hosting provider, another simple way you could achieve higher speeds is by ensuring your site is mobile responsive. Using plugins for optimizing scripts and images could also help to improve speed, as well as removing any unnecessary content and cleaning out your database.

Pay attention to customer reviews

Showing search engines that your website is valid and reliable, customer reviews can greatly impact SEO and your overall SERP rankings. Google often prioritizes businesses with hundreds of positive reviews, meaning when customers search for ‘coffee shops in New York’, for example, the cafés with 4+ star reviews are the first to come up. The same can be true for your business if you invest some time in customer reviews.

For instance, you could start by asking satisfied customers to leave reviews on your Google business page. Then, make it a point to leave appropriate feedback for each review, whether good or bad, in order to show your customers you are a trustworthy business that values their opinions.

In conclusion

Creating an SEO-based lead generation campaign is a great way to ensure your marketing efforts will succeed. From optimizing your homepage to investing in local SEO, each of the efficient strategies mentioned above can allow your business to experience consistent growth.

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