Today, you can find and put almost anything on the cloud, from music, photos, documents and even larger files. The advancements in cloud technology have also not only made cloud computing possible, but also the creation of a cloud database. We are now at a point in technology advancement where you can host your entire businesses database in the cloud. Fascinating, isn’t it? Today, more and more businesses continue to take advantage of this technology and you should too. There are many shortcomings of physical databases which having a database in the cloud solves. This is the reason this particular solution is getting more and more popular.

What is cloud technology

To understand why you need to have your business’ database in the cloud you first need to know how cloud technology works. Cloud computing is the backbone of cloud technology. Cloud computing can simply be explained by using a network of remote servers which store the data and allow access to the users through the internet in order to manage and process the data. This ability of to manage and process data virtually is what drives databases on the cloud. MongoDB Atlas is one of the top examples of such databases.

Benefits of databases utilizing cloud technology

The main reason why there is such a rush in businesses switching to databases in the cloud is because of its numerous benefits. Such benefits include:

Ease of use

Above everything, convenience is what drives any concept in this world to succeed. From the first adaptations of technology, it was driven by the convenience and ease of use it offered. Businesses today prefer having their databases in the cloud because it is easy to use and convenient. You don’t have to learn much about databases to use the cloud services as it was the case with physical databases. In addition to the virtual database, the company that offers is has a team of professionals there to help you if problems ever arise.


Setting up a physical database requires a much higher level of financial commitment when compared to relying on cloud technology. To set up a physical database, you would need to buy a lot of expensive supporting infrastructure equipment and hire a lot of people to set up, maintain, and fix it. On the other hand, databases relying on cloud technology just need a business to purchase a subscription. You can say goodbye to having a large IT department in your company with cloud technology. There are also no maintenance costs to incur.


Cloud technology utilizes a distributed database to guarantee the security of your business data. Most of the databases that are distributed are highly guarded and located in remote, hard to reach locations. In this age where cyber-attacks targeting businesses are a norm, having good security for your data as that provided by cloud services is essential. Also, distributing your database means that you don’t have to worry about downtimes or losing your data as there is always another server ready to serve your needs. Your data is evenly distributed among them. MongoDB Atlas has become a very popular option as it is one of the most secure cloud-based databases because it utilizes this feature extensively.

Characteristics of a suitable cloud database

There are a few characteristics that will help you identify an excellent cloud-based database for your business. You should pick a cloud-based database that has good performance in data processing speeds. Additionally, it should be able to hold large volumes of data in a stable manner.

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